Relationship Package (3 Readings)

Returning Clients: if both partners have seen Jamie before, you might just want to get a Blissful Union Couples’ Reading.

This reading package includes:

  • Natal and Transits reading for each member of the couple.
  • A relationship/couples’ reading after the information from the natal readings has had time to sink in
  • An understanding of the chemistry between you and how to best enjoy it.
  • Vital information on what your relationship itself needs to thrive and support you and your partner for a lifetime.

When you schedule your reading, you’ll receive some free audio and video materials. You’ll want to absorb these right away, before your reading happens. They prepare you for the life-altering experience of a reading by explaining how astrology works and showing the scope of questions you might usefully ask. Preparing ahead this way is not required but it does allow us to skip an orientation to astrology and spend all our valuable reading time on your questions instead.

Timing and Fees:
New clients pay $649 for three 90 minute readings
Recording provided as an online download within 24 hours of the session

Getting a reading begins with filling out the webform below. Important! An accurate birth time will be needed, so you might want to get your birth certificate before filling out the webform. Readings will NOT be done without accurate birth data which includes: city, state or province, country, and birth time down to the minute.

(Not sure this is the kind of reading you want? Look here to see all the kinds of readings offered at Pandora Astrology.)

Relationship Package of 3 Readings

This package includes one session for each partner and a third session for the couple to attend together.
  • Month of birthDay of birthYear of birth (ex. 1970)Time of birth - needs to be actual hour and minute(s)City & State/Country of birth 
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    All birth data needs to be submitted before 48 hours of the session in order to do an accurate reading. I reserve the right to cancel any session that does not have all the information asked for to do the reading.
  • Month of birthDay of birthYear of birth (ex. 2015)Time of birth - needs to be actual hour and minute(s)City & State of birth 
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  • Astrology is especially good at explaining why you and your partner relate the way you do. The most useful questions you can ask are ones about specific patterns in your relationship that have become entrenched. Jamie will also suggest ways you and your partner can love, support and appreciate each other better.
    All readings are scheduled AFTER prepayment. Cancellations up to 48 hours before your reading are subject to a FULL refund. Cancellations within 48 hours of the appointment are subject to a fee of half the reading cost. Postponements within 48 hours of the appointment are subject to a $25 rescheduling fee. This is because I have already spent over an hour preparing your chart and I have hired childcare to enable me to see you.