Forecast for July 2014

Long-Term Shifts in 2014

The volcanic and revolutionary square between Pluto and Uranus is only getting more intense in 2014, now that Jupiter has joined the party.  Many people will be able to take the ‘long dark night of the soul’ provided by Pluto and the revolutionary change provided by Uranus and grow better, stronger and bigger because Jupiter is involved.  But some won’t.  Some will simply find that their troubles are magnified and multiplied and that they are sinking fast.  A willingness to change is not just asked, but demanded of us this year.

Last year’s lovely Water Grand Trine involving Saturn, Jupiter and Chiron continues this year, with Pluto lending a hand occasionally.  Water people will get a lot of business development done and anyone who dedicates himself to integrity ‘all the way down to the bottom of his soul’ will be well rewarded by his efforts this year.  That goes double for healers of all stripes, especially those who are sincerely doing their own healing work that they may better assist others.  Teachers of all kinds benefit as well.

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Want to know more about the planetary influences of this year? Find out more about this year’s trends and pivotal (retrograde) days: Transits in the Year 2014.

This year’s themes affect individual people in individual areas of life according to their own astrology charts.  Will they affect you?  Look here to find out: Are You Currently In Transition?

Mercury Watch

Whoopee! Mercury retrograde ends on July 1.  Now it’s time to pick up the pieces scattered about by harebrained Mercury Retrograde in Gemini.  By the end of July, things should be back to normal, but until then, continue allowing extra time to meet deadlines and continue being extra-clear in your communications.  To find out about the next Mercury retrograde period, look here: This Year’s Mercury Retrogrades.


July begins with the sign of Cancer and ends in Leo.  During Cancer (until July 22), let yourself rest in the arms of the archetypal mother.  Cancer is the sign associated with mothering, nurturing and care of all kinds.  Cancer is also a water sign, so spend some time in the water!  Summer solstice is the peak of the year’s sunlight.  From here the days will grow shorter until we arrive at the winter solstice.  Play through the warm days of summer while you can, because winter will follow soon enough.

No sign of the zodiac exemplifies the relentless heat of midsummer better than Leo, ruled by the steadily burning Sun.  This year Leo runs from July 22 through August 21.  Leo is both a Fire sign and a Fixed sign.  From Fire, Leo gets its heat and from Fixity Leo gets its consistency.  All Fixed signs are prone to being a little stubborn (or sometimes more than a little) and Leo is no exception.  But this same stubbornness is the flip side of a powerful persistence which keeps Leo’s creative fires burning once they’ve begun.


Each lunation (new or full moon) has a feeling-state that human beings will be prone to under it, a general mood.

Full Moon in Capricorn:  Saturday, July 12, 2014
Irritation, frustration and annoyance are likely during July’s emotionally controlled but explosive Full Moon in Capricorn.  Mars and Uranus are adding fuel and spark to the fire, but Saturn in Scorpio is smoothing out the kinks by providing crushing responsibilities that are more important than emergent tantrums.  Gee thanks, Saturn, we can always count on you!

New Moon in Leo:  Saturday, July 26, 2014
Expect more irritation, as the Moon once again connects with Mars at a stressful angle, but this time Jupiter is nearby to provide growth opportunities—or perhaps opportunities to be overbearing (you never know, with Jupiter).  One thing’s for sure—in stubborn Fixed signs, these planets are not backing down.  So if you find yourself in a fight, holding out for your way will likely only drag things out, as others are as likely to be resistant to change as you are.

July’s Full Moon is sometimes called the Hay Moon—so make some, while the sun shines!

Fortune Cookies for July, 2014
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7/1/14, Thank goodness Mercury goes direct today. Is your life simpler now or more complicated?

7/4/14, Sun opposes Pluto: Warm, loving and family-oriented comes up against cold, ruthless and calculating. Who will overcome?

7/6/14, Venus sextiles Uranus: Feel like flirting and being inappropriate? You can afford to be edgy—chances of being caught are slim.

7/8/14, Sun squares Uranus: If you are feeling nervous, restless and rebellious today, emotional reactivity will get you nowhere good.

7/8/14, Sun trines Saturn: Emotional discipline is not the same as shutting yourself down. Allowing flexibility can add to your air of authority.

7/9/14, Sun trines Chiron: It’s easy to be your truest, deepest self when you have compassion for others who are where you’ve been.

7/12/14, Full Moon in Capricorn: Armored outside, irritable inside. Don’t poke at people—their reaction might be bigger than you expect.

7/12/14, Think in a fluid, stream-of-consciousness way, while Mercury is in Cancer, till July 31.

7/13/14, When Venus trines Mars things undoubtedly get sexy—but in cool, collected Air signs? Expect wit, charm and sparkle, but from a distance.

7/16/14, Ahh, the warmth of gentle giant Jupiter when he enters fiery Leo. . . Lions are entering a luck year. Make a wish, Leo!

7/18/14, Venus enters Cancer: A month of domestic bliss begins today and ends August 12. Cozy up, cook, snuggle and eat with your favorite housemate.

7/18/14, Mercury trines Neptune: Today imagination is not distracting, but helpful. Drift into a dream and use the ideas that come.

7/18/14, Sun squares Mars: Today someone may be whiny and someone else may get knocked over by it. Beware of codependence. Assert yourself—nicely.

7/20/14, Saturn goes direct: Get ready to do what you know you must (and may have been avoiding!) in the last few months.

7/21/14, Uranus goes retrograde: Are you making a breakthrough this year? Better get started. . .

7/21/14, Mercury opposes Pluto: Tug-of-war: someone is ferreting out the truth and someone is trying to protect their privacy. Which are you?

7/22/14, Sun enters Leo: The Sun enters shiny, big-hearted Leo today. Happy Birthday to all the Lions—it’s your season to roar (or meow!).

7/24/14, Venus trines Neptune: Dreams can come true today (in a small way), so envision what you desire, infuse it with hope & deliciousness.

7/24/14, Sun conjuncts Jupiter: If today is your birthday, it’s going to be a great year. Don’t let that go to your head or some rebels might chop it off.

7/24/14, Mercury squares Uranus: A flood of new ideas descends on your head. Don’t act on impulse or emotion—choose the best ones rationally.

7/24/14, Mercury trines Saturn: The best and most authoritative communication happens when you connect warmly and vulnerably with your listener.

7/25/14, Mercury trines Chiron: Today your words can bring healing, build bridges and enhance people’s connections with each other.

7/25/14, Is Mars in Scorpio relentless and obsessed? Sure, but is that bad? Use his power for light. Mars is now in Scorpio until Sept 13.

7/26/14, The emotionally selfish New Moon in Leo may bring some willfulness to the surface. Beware of possible tantrums!

7/27/14, Venus opposes Pluto: True intimacy depends on boundaries. How can you be close but not codependent today?

7/31/14, Mercury enters Leo today, a great time for teachers, performers, and creatives who put their work out in the world. (lasts till August 15).

7/31/14, Venus squares Uranus: Feeling restless? Go out and meet 50 THOUSAND people today! Oh—maybe the grass isn’t really greener.

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