Forecast for April 2014

Long-Term Shifts in 2014

The volcanic and revolutionary square between Pluto and Uranus is only getting more intense in 2014, now that Jupiter has joined the party.  Many people will be able to take the ‘long dark night of the soul’ provided by Pluto and the revolutionary change provided by Uranus and grow better, stronger and bigger because Jupiter is involved.  But some won’t.  Some will simply find that their troubles are magnified and multiplied and that they are sinking fast.  A willingness to change is not just asked, but demanded of us this year.

Last year’s lovely Water Grand Trine involving Saturn, Jupiter and Chiron continues this year, with Pluto lending a hand occasionally.  Water people will get a lot of business development done and anyone who dedicates himself to integrity ‘all the way down to the bottom of his soul’ will be well rewarded by his efforts this year.  That goes double for healers of all stripes, especially those who are sincerely doing their own healing work that they may better assist others.  Teachers of all kinds benefit as well.

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This year’s themes affect individual people in individual areas of life according to their own astrology charts.  Will they affect you?  Look here to find out:  Are You Currently In Transition?

Mercury Watch

Mercury is moving forward (not retrograde, i.e. backward) at a good clip this month, helping human projects and plans progress smoothly and easily.  Enjoy the increased efficiency at home and work.  That efficiency will peak on April 25—to read about it, look at This Year’s Mercury Retrogrades.

Mars Watch

This month Mars is retrograde in Libra and it triggers the ongoing Uranus/Pluto square while Jupiter is involved.  Seem like a lot?  Astrologers agree.  The Uranus/Pluto square is contributing to revolutionary times, and the addition of Jupiter to that mix was enough to blow things up even bigger.  Now throw Mars into the mix and you’ve got a powerful combination that’s bound to lead to some big happenings this month, both in the world, and inside human beings.  Look here to find out more:  Mars, the Deadly Diplomat.


April begins with the Fiery Cardinal sign of Aries.  Aries encompasses the first 30 degrees of arc the sun travels through after crossing the equator.  The traveling sun brings light that warms the earth up in springtime and continues north to bring summer to the northern hemisphere, leaving the southern hemisphere in winter.  Life has been reborn after winter’s death and bursts forth fiercely.  The pure Aries temperament is pushy, brash and self-centered, as is appropriate to this infant season of the year.  Celebrate the sense of wonder your Aries friends possess, and their ability to start over.  This year Aries lasts from March 20th through April 19th.

On April 19th, the rocketlike pace of Aries relaxes into the earthy slowness of Taurus.  Flowers are blooming and the earth is showing her fecundity.  The pagan festival of Beltane features the raising of the maypole, a phallic symbol of life and fertility.  Fields are fertilized and crops are beginning to raise their budding heads above the ground.  Taurus takes the initializing force of Aries and steadies it, bringing continuity and the capacity to finish what was started.  Enjoy nature during this pastoral, earthy sign.


Each lunation (new or full moon) has a feeling-state that human beings will be prone to under it, a general mood.

Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon in Libra:  Tuesday, April 15, 2014

All four of the asteroid goddesses lend a hand during this Libran Full Moon, which also happens to be an eclipse.  Here’s the dilemma—should you listen to domestic goddesses Ceres and Vesta, who think this eclipse is about beautifying home and feathering the nest, or to fierce and feisty Juno and Pallas Athene, who are ready to start an argument and grab control?  Who’s steering this ship anyway?  Maybe we should all just hide our heads in the sand until it passes!

Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Taurus:  Monday, April 28, 2014

If you’re ready for a change, this Solar Eclipse (which is also a New Moon in Taurus) will definitely bring it.  Oddly, it might be gentler than you expect.  No need for armor—just allow your mind to become supple and let go of stubbornness.  Letting loose the old, stuck ideas that just don’t work anymore is the way to go, and you can watch yourself ripple into new thoughts and new patterns of thought.

April’s Full Moon is sometimes called the Egg Moon.

Fortune Cookies for April 2014
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4/1/14, Sun squares Jupiter: It’s a battle of wills between strong personalities. Be generous and sensitive but not a pushover.

4/2/14, Sun conjuncts Uranus: Let your wacky, brilliant inner genius shine today. Bust out and make your life an experiment.

4/2/14, Mercury trines Saturn: Logic flows today in a perfect combination of structure and intuition. A great day for all forms of writing.

4/3/14, Sun squares Pluto: Self-absorption, power and control may be themes today. Look around you and notice, for whom is it “all about them?”

4/5/14, Small gatherings may appeal more than large ones as Venus the Love Goddess moves into introverted Pisces (till May 2).

4/7/14, While Mercury is in Aries (till April 23), enjoy swifter thinking, but be prepared to curb your tongue if it gets too impulsive.

4/8/14, Sun opposes Mars: Red-hot anger comes face-to-face with coolheaded grace. Who will win when the gloves come off?

4/11/14, Venus conjuncts Neptune: What is your most beautiful dream? A dream overflowing with harmony, symmetry, good design? Yes, that one!

4/14/14, Mercury conjuncts Uranus, squares Jupiter and Pluto: Don’t want to argue? Stay home and don’t visit internet forums.

4/14/14, Pluto goes retrograde: It’s time to head into the darkness, instead of running from it.

4/15/14, Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon in Libra: Is it time to create beauty or whip the troops into straight lines? You decide.

4/16/14, Hotheaded Mercury in Aries attempts a verbal sparring match with deft Mars in Libra. Odds are Mars will leave Merc in ribbons.

4/17/14, Venus trines Jupiter: Is your relationship boring? Remember the fun you used to have together—go out and play with your partner today.

4/18/14, Venus sextiles Pluto: There is magnetism around people of power today. Use the charisma to get ahead by who you connect with, and how.

4/19/14, Sun enters Taurus: Planting time is here. What are you putting in the fertile ground, and what will it need to grow?

4/20/14, Uranus and Pluto, busy bringing down the Great Edifice, are joined by Jupiter, who magnifies everything.

4/20/14, Venus conjuncts Chiron: Love? Healing? They are one. Open your heart and make someone whole. Might be you.

4/21/14, Uranus squares Pluto for the 5th time since 2012. Are you driving the changes in your life or being run over by them?

4/22-23/2014, Mars squares Jupiter and Pluto and opposes Uranus: Pulling the trigger now—wheeeeeeee!

4/23/14, Mercury enters Taurus: Slow down, think deeply, work thoroughly and plan ahead. Thus do you become a person of substance.

4/24/14, Venus trines Saturn: Taking responsibility for every tiny emotional interaction in your relationship makes you a better partner.

4/25/14, Sun conjuncts Mercury, Greater Epiphany Day! Insights drop from the sky on your head. Ready to catch them?

4/26/14, Mercury sextiles Neptune: The rational and the intuitive are friends today. Distinctions between logical and analogical blur.

4/27/14, Sun sextiles Neptune: Your body is an excellent barometer for the emotional weather of those around you. What does it say?

4/28/14, Allow tonight’s Solar Eclipse in Taurus to wash away old ideas and ways of thinking that are encrusted in your mind.

4/29/14, Mercury trines Pluto: What do building and destroying have in common? They both result in a more solid structure.

4/30/14, Mercury sextiles Jupiter: Your body knows everything that ever happened to you. Let it speak and your heart will open.

4/30/14, Mercury sextiles Chiron: A successful communicator feeds back what he hears and connects those who misunderstand each other.

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