Forecast for August 2014

Long-Term Shifts in 2014

This year’s triple threat—Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter—has passed with Jupiter’s movement of out of Cancer and into Leo.  Some people experienced Jupiter’s involvement as a confidence-booster, while others found Jupiter only magnified the drama provided by Uranus and Pluto.  Anybody with a planet placed in 10-16º of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn has been having a year of explosive, and even volcanic change.  If that’s you, prepare to emerge as a different person, hopefully a finer version of yourself.  Prepare to earn your wings.

The Water Grand Trine involving Saturn, Jupiter and Chiron has been a lovely party, but it’s breaking up now as Jupiter leaves Cancer and Saturn bids a fond adieu to Chiron, slowest of the bunch.  I hope you took advantage of the effortless healing and growth possible under this transit.

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Mercury Watch

Mercury begins August moving direct (i.e. forwards) swiftly, helping communications and office work proceed smoothly. On August 8, Mercury’s breakneck pace will cause it to catch up to and then pass the Sun.  The day this happens will be a day of illumination,  a day when breakthroughs are possible, new understandings emerge and mental clarity and focus are at their height.  I call it Epiphany Day.  Read about it here, along with more about Mercury’s cycle and how it works:  This Year’s Mercury Retrogrades.


August begins with the heat of Leo The bright days of midsummer may be waning from their peak but they are still long and Leo declares: “the sun is shining—we’d best make hay while it does!”  Thus does Leo’s instinct for allowing creativity to flower wildly ensure a rich harvest in Virgo.  The summer is in full swing and at its peak of heat and wealth.  Luxuriate in luscious Leo.  This year Leo runs from July 22 through August 22.

Late August brings the Mutable Earth sign Virgo, running from August 22 through September 22.  Virgo is the season of the first harvest, which is appropriate because analytical, detail-oriented Virgo is all about separating the wheat from the chaff, both literally and metaphorically.  Virgo is the organizer, focusing on purging and cleansing, sifting through every detail.  This late summer harvest-time begins to set a tone of hard work for the winter by reminding us that the sunlight is now waning.


Each lunation (new or full moon) has a feeling-state that human beings will be prone to under it, a general mood.

Full Moon in Aquarius:  Sunday, August 10, 2014
This is an electric, hopping Moon—filled with an abundance of nervous energy.  Those with strong Air influences in their charts will find their synapses working overtime to deliver and capture the ideas that zip through.  Carry a capture pad so no idea escapes unexplored and be ready when this moon comes with something that requires real thought.  What to do with all the extra charge? Run it off so you can sleep at night.

New Moon in Virgo:  Monday, August 25, 2014
It’s a good thing this month’s New Moon in Virgo sextiles Ceres, Juno and Vesta in Water signs, because a Virgo Moon is known to farmers to be barren.  But the addition of plenty of water can fructify this dry, meticulous Moon.  So get about your busywork and organize your home, but never for a moment forget the comfort, affection and pleasure of those you share it with (whether they live with you or not and whether they are of human species or not), because they are what bring meaning to your efforts.

August’s Full Moon is sometimes called the Sturgeon Moon, for the abundant fish in this season.

Fortune Cookies for August, 2014
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8/1/2014, Venus in Cancer trines Saturn in Scorpio, forming a power couple: She looks like the wifey, but who’s really running things here?

8/1/2014 Mars squares Jupiter: Someone is easygoing and someone else is controlling and pushy. Which are you and how will you get what you want?

8/2/2014, Excitement and enthusiasm abound when Mercury conjuncts Jupiter in fiery Leo. Inspire while you inform!

8/2/2014, Mercury squares Mars: Communicating what you want in an overbearing, demanding way will get you nowhere.

8/5/2014, Healing father issues is made easier and smoother when Saturn trines Chiron. Do it now before this transit ends.

8/7/2014, Mars trines Neptune: Defender of the injured, strike like a viper in a perfect pure moment of divine justice!

8/8/2014, Double Epiphany Day because Sun and Mercury trine Uranus! Ride the natural brain-high; it’s better than caffeine.

8/8/2014, Mercury squares Saturn: Avoid arguing with authority figures today. They have superior firepower.

8/9/2014, Sun squares Saturn: Today is not the day to buck the system. Keep your ego out of it and don’t bother fighting City Hall.

8/10/2014, Full Moon in Aquarius: What a zippy mood! Take advantage of the mental clarity, but beware distractions!

8/12/2014, Venus enters Leo: Flashy, glittery, glowy and showy, this girl is ready to Par-Tay! Till September 5.

8/15/2014, Mars sextiles Pluto: Do what your instincts tell you is right today. Not what your addictions tell you. Not what you can get away with.

8/15/2014, Oh goody, Mercury enters Virgo today, there until September 2. Isn’t it time you cleaned your desk and revamped all your systems?

8/17/2014, Venus conjuncts Jupiter: Big, bold, beautiful, like Marilyn Monroe in living color. Girl Power!

8/18/2014, Mercury opposes Neptune: Logic and intuition are at loggerheads today—balance them for best results and clearest thinking.

8/21/2014, Mercury trines Pluto: Think practically, penetrate to the heart of the problem you’re solving. Let its structure evolve from there.

8/22/2014, Happy birthday, Virgo! Got tunnel vision? Get microscopic. Find what really matters. Purge the imperfections. The Sun’s now in Virgo till September 22.

8/23/2014, Mars trines Chiron: If you pulled a thorn out of a wounded animal’s paw recently, it will come back to you in the best way today.

8/25/2014, Mars conjuncts Saturn and Mercury sextiles both. Actions and words speak equally loudly when integrity is behind them.

8/25/2014, Jump into the social whirl as lovely Venus trines Uranus the networker. Perhaps a group art project?

8/25/2014, New Moon in Virgo: Sweep, tidy, clean, organize, develop tight systems. Do it for those you love.

8/26/2014, Venus squares Saturn: A dominating, arrogant approach will not win the day, but warmth and understanding might.

8/27/2014, Venus squares Mars: Take yesterday’s domination out of the board room and into the bedroom, where it belongs.

8/29/2014, Sun opposes Neptune: Virgo the Artisan uses tools to shape Neptune’s dreams into beautiful realities. Be “crafty” today.

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