Forecast for December 2014

Long-Term Shifts in 2014

This year’s triple threat—Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter—has finished with Jupiter’s movement of out of Cancer and into Leo.  Some people experienced Jupiter’s involvement as a confidence-booster, while others found Jupiter only magnified the drama provided by Uranus and Pluto.  Anybody with a planet placed in 10-16º of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn has been having a year of explosive, and even volcanic change.  If that’s you, prepare to emerge as a different person, hopefully a finer version of yourself.  Prepare to earn your wings.  And know that the Pluto-Uranus square will end in March 2015.

After that, things will get a LOT more peaceful. 2015 and 2016 do not show the same heavy level of planetary activity we’ve seen in 2012-2014.

Say goodbye to the Water Grand Trine involving Saturn, Jupiter and Chiron:  Jupiter left Cancer for Leo in July, and now Saturn is moving on towards Sagittarius, leaving Chiron to slowly trek through the rest of Pisces.  Say hello to Jupiter-in-Leo trining Uranus-in-Aries, which is likely to light quite a few sparks, but not to cause any explosions.  It began September 25.

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Want to know more about the planetary influences of this year? Find out more about this year’s trends and pivotal (retrograde) days: Transits in the Year 2014.

This year’s themes affect individual people in individual areas of life according to their own astrology charts.  Will they affect you?  Look here to find out: Are You Currently In Transition?

Mercury Watch

Yay! Enjoy Mercury’s swift movement forward this month, tailor-made by Mother Nature herself to help your projects progress and meet the necessary deadlines.  Doesn’t the sheer office efficiency and momentum feel great?  This comes to a peak on December 8, in what I like to call Greater Epiphany Day.  To read about it, look here: This Year’s Mercury Retrogrades.


Sagittarius begins the month of December with a bright, fiery mood generated by this Mutable Fire sign.  Cheerful Sagittarius is the sign most associated with hope and faith.  In the season of Sagittarius we consume the last of the perishables we have harvested before hunkering down for a serious winter mood in Capricorn.  In Sagittarius we feast and grow fat, so that we have enough to carry us through the dark of the year.  We are generous to our neighbors, because they will huddle with us round the fire and help us keep the spark alive.  This year Sagittarius runs until December 21.

The first day of Capricorn is also the winter solstice, the day when the “sun stands” still (that’s what “solstice” means) in its yearly journey north and south of the equator.  On the winter solstice the sun reaches the southernmost point in its path, warming the southern hemisphere and creating summer there, while its absence cools the northern hemisphere and creates winter there.  Capricorn nights are long in the north and the winter solstice is the longest, darkest one.  Thus does Capricorn remind us to take a serious look at life and prepare to achieve under the difficult conditions of winter.


Each lunation (new or full moon) has a feeling-state that human beings will be prone to under it, a general mood.

Full Moon in 14º Gemini:  Saturday, December 6, 2014
This sprightly and active Gemini Full Moon includes influences from Mercury, Chiron and Uranus. It may be hard to sit still during this Moon, so why try? Get out and get into stimulating conversations with unusual individuals who present mind-bending ideas. Form healing connections with those individuals and allow your mind to be changed. This lunation is a veritable garden of ideas—what will you plant in it, and what fruits will come of it later?

New Moon in 0º Capricorn:  Sunday, December 21, 2014
The annual Capricorn New Moon is a wonderful time to focus on the end of the fiscal year and the beginning of the next. What new beginnings might you pursue in your career or business in 2015? Dream of them on the night of the 20th for hints of what is to come and dream of them again on the night of the 21st for ideas on how to follow through. This year’s dream includes charity, kindness and giving through a harmonious connection to Neptune. How can giving increase your wealth this year—of both body and spirit?

November’s Full Moon is sometimes called the Moon Before Yule.

Fortune Cookies for December, 2014
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12/1/14, Mars sextiles Saturn: Actions align with duties, increasing production; feel your body deeply, yet realize its limits.

12/4/14, Venus trines Jupiter: Integrity involves living according to your value system and within the boundaries of your resources.

12/4/14, Sun trines Uranus: Self-realization is not a given; it requires active engagement and questioning of present perceptions. De-condition.

12/4/14, Mars enters Aquarius: Rather than gratuitous holiday spending, consider carrying a FREE HUGS sign. (till Jan. 12)

12/5/14, Sun squares Chiron: Break trance and strategize how to enter into the true, authentic, numinous truth that radiates from your core.

12/5/14, Mercury trines Uranus: Keep any device you own within easy reach as your mind motors into warp drive. Pity those who cannot keep up.

12/6/14, Mercury squares Chiron: Take time to think about a sibling, of blood or spirit, and consider their influence in gratitude.

12/5/14, Full Moon in Gemini: Allow that information may come to light encouraging reconsideration of the truth of a certain matter-deny dogma.

12/8/14, Sun conjuncts Mercury: Epiphany Day! Keep your hands as busy as your mind and you will not suffer burnout.

12/8/14, Jupiter stations retrograde: Time to look at self-trust. Take time today to consider the state of your faith in yourself.

12/10/14, Venus enters Capricorn: Aesthetics shift from the ephemeral to what has utility. Consult/be a respected mentor with regards to feelings.

12/12/14, Mercury trines Jupiter: Ideas and their interpretation are quite apparent today yet easily taken for granted; trust, but look both ways.

12/14/14, Sun trines Jupiter: It’s possible (today only of course) to get what you want simply by being yourself.

12/14/14, Venus sextiles Neptune: Figuring out love is like trying to interpret a Dylan song; stick to experiencing the mystic vibes.

12/14/14, Uranus squares Pluto: Chiron assists, taking Pluto’s side, in this world-changing transit, over next spring.

12/16/14, Mercury enters Capricorn: Keep conversations direct, practical, and grounded for good orderly direction in all forms of relating.

12/20/14, Mercury sextiles Neptune: Consciously surrendering to Earth facilitates access to extra-sensory realities. Feet grounded opens the crown.

12/20/14, Venus squares Uranus: Whose values are they anyway? If what you’ve deemed valuable seems alien or unfulfilling, it may be time to change.

12/20/14, Venus conjuncts Pluto: Relationship is a noun, hence a thing, inert. Relating is a verb and requires action, so dig deeply and actively.

12/20/14, Mars sextiles Uranus: Deep breaths in. Steady, emptying breaths out. Foster conscious experience of the life force and vitality today.

12/21/14, Venus sextiles Chiron: Developing harmony requires active self-reflection. Peace without stems from peace within.

12/21/14, Uranus stations direct: If you want a breakthrough this year, it’s time to PUSH ON THAT WALL!

12/21/14, Sun enters Capricorn: Winter begins in earnest now. It’s dark and can only get brighter from here.

12/21/14, New Moon in Capricorn: Rebirth in the sign of the Elder? Look to your ambitions. Feed and water them. Watch them sprout.

12/23/14, Saturn enters Sagittarius: Perhaps it’s time those of us who are too curmudgeonly learned to have fun??

12/24/14, Mercury squares Uranus: This time of year brings out the best and the worst of humanity it seems. Have integrity and you will find solace.

12/24/14, Mercury conjuncts Pluto: Carefully measure your words and tone against the experience of your emotions and speak only as necessary.

12/26/14, Sun sextiles Neptune: Sometimes it’s best to understand more of reality by looking at the spaces between objects. Be open to impressions.

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