Welcome to your Retainer Year!

Congratulations on your decision to invest in yourself this way.

Astrology On Retainer is a “stellar” 😉 opportunity to dive deep into one particular life-theme and really handle it in a single year.

What should your Astrology On Retainer year be about?

Suggested themes for your year:

  • In a Purpose year: We scour your chart for your life-purpose so you can live into it more fully. We follow your Personal Year in progress. Going beyond the big picture, we keep aware of faster-moving transits (such as eclipses, Mercury Rx and planetary stations) and how they impact your chart. We discuss your progressions in depth, historically and in the present.
  • In a Life Change year: You enact a powerful change in lifestyle with my support, coaching and metaphysical advice. You do meditations to find your way toward the change you want and we use your transits and progressions to time important actions on the path.
  • In a Business Development year: We can do an election chart for a business you incept and discuss how the business chart interacts with the charts of the principals involved. We also discuss maintenance of your new business, including most effective ways for you to work (according to your temperament) and traits to look for in those you hire. We can look at the charts of those you work with, so as to create an optimally effective work environment and I can also do workshops at your workplace for team-building, camaraderie and (frankly) fun.
  • In a Single and Looking year: We begin with a Lifelong Love Reading so you can know what you’re looking for. Then we can look at the charts of everyone you date as you search for your life partner, helping you make a powerful choice that’s good for yourself and your chosen, leading to a stable, loving and true partnership.
  • In a Marrying year: We begin with a couples’ package—a thorough look at the charts of both partners and the synastry between them. Then we move on to elect a wedding date that is auspicious for both partners. You can use the retainer sessions as a couple for joint or individual readings, including natal, transit and birthday sessions for both as we move through the year.
  • In a Conceiving year: We provide ongoing fertility consultation as you undergo fertility treatments, emotional support on your journey, visualizations and meditations to help you connect with your child-to-be and check-ins with the chart of your EDD. Along the way I will share from my experience in this area and we’ll explore the metaphysical/spiritual implications of using science for conception, gestation and delivery to grow a compatible, loving family. If you want this kind of service, remember that I am an astrologer and not a medical professional. I cannot medically promise you a child, but I can help you remove spiritual blockages to growing your family and help you find the confidence to become a parent.
  • In a Family year: We manage and maintain your family bonds by checking in with the chart of each adult and child in the month before their birthday, and keeping an eye on their transits and solar returns. Reading time can be gifted to teens age 16 and over for private sessions and we can also do baby/child readings for you the parent or guardian and EDD readings so you can spiritually align with your child that’s on the way. You also learn how to most effectively “secure your oxygen mask before assisting others.”
  • In a Self-Understanding year: We do a thorough examination of your family of origin and understand how your natal personality was responded to and shaped by your family, so you can free yourself to be your truest self as an adult while feeling genuine compassion and affection for all family members. I’ll help you find the “right distance” at which to enjoy all family members. We’ll need birth data for all family members possible, as accurate as you can find.
  • In a Healing year: We look at charts of your family-of-origin members to understand patterns passed down in your family and give you a look at your karma and choice about how to live your life. We devote plenty of time to your parents’ charts, their connection with each other and with you. This liberates you to be yourself, not a copy of, nor a reaction to, your heritage. You emerge proud of who you are and what you have made of what you were given.
  • In a Learning year: You can use the time for Q&A about astrology itself, private study sessions using your chart and the charts of people in your life. You’ll gain access to my extensive library of prerecorded lectures and study materials to absorb as much astrological knowledge as you can hold. This is intensive private study.
  • In a Writing year: you set up and DO a writing practice. You clarify your project. You read books about writing. You cultivate a working relationship with the muse. You learn to write to a schedule and make deadlines. You never face a blank page again, not knowing what to say. You unblock yourself. You get in touch with your Greater Self. You clarify Big Voice and Small Voice and use them accordingly. You discover and express your message. You do an inventory of the raw material that your present life is, then you convert it into a writing life. You become a writer.
  • In a Do-It-Yourself year: You can build your own package from the options above and decide what you want as you go along. I’ll encourage you to set goals for your year so that you have a focus, but exploration itself is also a valid goal.

As you meditate on a theme you’d like to incept for this year, please consider any major life-events that are due to happen this year, and how their timing fits in (i.e. is your daughter getting married, are you launching a startup, are you expecting a new grandchild?).

Please bring the thoughts you have about this into the initial conversation about your retainer year, where we will discuss the theme, pricing and session frequency that’s right for you.

Next Step: Look here for information on packages, pricing, and additional gifts that come with your retainer year.