Mercury Retrograde in Cancer
June 17 to July 12, 2020
from 14º to 5º Cancer

diagram showing Mercury Retrograde cycle in June and July 2020

What does it mean?

When Mercury goes retrograde in the Water sign of Cancer, communications become more emotional and it’s easy to make missteps while you’re trying to get your words across. In other words, you might find your words come across with more emotion than usual or that you add emotion that wasn’t really there to what you hear from others. Try to keep all your communications calm and soothing.

Clean Up Home & Family Projects

Mercury retrograde can be a great time for digging up and finishing old projects. Sometimes we find ourselves face-to-face with something old because the current projects have ground to a halt. Cancer has to do with family, heritage, home and roots, so this might be the time to finally finish that genealogy project or send a gene sample to a lab to discover what your DNA is made of. This could bring up a lot of emotions and you might be surprised what comes of it. It could result in a revision of your identity.

Traveling Backwards, Organizing Memorabilia

Because Mercury represents short-distance travel and also personal organization, these areas might be open to revision too. Thinking of moving back into your parents’ house for the summer? Mercury retrograde might have something to do with that and you should ask yourself if it’s a step backward and whether a small step backward might help you move forward later. As to organization, perhaps it’s time to get out those old scrapbooks, boxes of photos and other memorabilia and sort through them for the things that really matter and hold the most nostalgia, while letting go of the things that don’t matter to you anymore and are just cluttering up your basement or attic. Cancer can be a very retentive sign and the reasons behind that retention are usually emotional ones. This transit is a great time for a major cleanout, especially if you’ve veered in the direction of hoarding.

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