Mercury Retrograde in Pisces and Aquarius
February 16 to March 9, 2020
from 12º Pisces to 29º Aquarius

diagram showing Mercury Retrograde cycle in February and March 2020

What does it mean?

Mercury does NOT like being in Pisces at all, and how much more so when retrograde? This intensifies the Piscean tendency toward confusion, delusion and misdirection. There is also a heightening of the imagination, which can lead to superstitious thinking or equally, can lead to brilliant bursts of creativity, especially in the fine arts. If you can take time to engage in creative projects during this Mercury Retrograde period, you may get wonderful results–especially if you return to an old project you hadn’t finished before.

Clean Up Communications

When Mercury goes retrograde, communications tend to grind to a halt and often we are required to revisit an old message, thought or conceptual experience that is in need of revision. While Mercury is in Pisces, all such explorations of the past should be entered into with compassion, because they are likely to be emotional while the messenger god occupies this Water sign. If someone comes to you and asks, “What did you mean by that thing you said back there?” you should be ready to explain with as much clarity and warmth as you can muster. This is a great time for cleaning up old misconceptions and it’s important that you do so.

Both Speak and Also Listen

As always during Mercury retrograde, it’s important to speak your truest truth and to listen with an open heart. Try to keep these things in balance. If you are usually a talker, this is a good time to listen. If you usually listen, now is the time to talk. Remember that when we use words to communicate with each other, subliminal communication, a subtext, is also going on. Try to be aware of what’s being said on that level too—you’ll get bonus points for mind-reading. But stay away from telling people what they want to hear (when it’s not the truth) because you’ll dig yourself in a hole if you do.

It Ends Better Than It Begins

The best news of all is that this Mercury Retrograde period finishes with Mercury in Aquarius, Mercury’s favorite sign to be in. That practically guarantees that after getting lost in the fog of Pisces, we can find our way to mental clarity in Aquarius.

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