Mercury Retrograde in Leo and Cancer
July 7 to 31, 2019
from 4º Leo to 23º Cancer

What does it mean?

This Summer, Mercury will be traversing backwards from the dramatic sign of Leo to the sensitive sign of Cancer. We may be challenged to see how bold statements and zealous communication may have led us to err when we perhaps should have been more sensitive to our own feelings as well as those of others. When Mercury slows down and pivots at 4º Leo and begins traveling backward into Cancer, we may withdraw more from our showy presentation of storytelling in favor of being more reflective and meditative with our thoughts.

Mercury also represents short trips, and this summer when it’s retrograde, our weekend plans and trips to the beach may go unexpectedly berserk. Maybe the car breaks down during a trip that was only supposed to last a few hours, or perhaps there is a miscommunication with your buddies and you all end up at the wrong park for the picnic. Expect the unexpected in your travel plans this summer during this retrograde season. Overprepare and then surrender to the gods of travel. When you take a relaxed attitude—let the adventure take you where it will—you will find fun in the chaos.

This is a good Mercury retrograde period in which to revisit unfinished creative projects, with a view to cleaning them up and completing them. The best approach is to utilize Mercury’s return to Cancer by returning to the emotions and the gut feelings that originally sparked the creative project in the first place. Remind yourself of how you loved this project when you first conceived it and let your heart guide you through the finishing of it.

Chiron adds a theme of wounding and healing to this Mercury retrograde period–you can find out more about it (including how to handle it) in our July 2019 news video about Mercury and Chiron Retrograde:

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