Monthly Astrology Forecast for May 2022

Welcome to Pandora’s monthly astrology forecast. Here you’ll find news for the year, for the month and for dates this month when important changes are happening in our skies. You’ll also find words and videos explaining what they mean, how to handle them and how to know if they affect your chart specifically.

Pandora Astrology Monthly Forecast

May 2022 In A Nutshell

This Aries and Jupiter-infused month promises a large amount of optimism, expansion, hopeful action, and opportunity for fresh starts. In “Cradled by Spiritual Action” we explain how the Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio can teach us to live with fewer addictive emotional ups and downs. What does it mean when Jupiter, the planet of expansion, confidence, ethics and morals, enters Aries, the newborn of the zodiac? In “Jupiter in Aries: The Honorable Hero,” we talk about how to squeeze all the possible luck out of the Giant Planet’s transit this year. In “Truthful Words Help Set Relationship Boundaries,” we plant seeds of intellectually bright, honest and direct communication and turn them into positive actions. And check out “Come in From the Cold, Let the Warmth In”— the fourth in a series of videos about the Moon’s Nodes through the signs.

Long-Term Shifts in 2022

This year promises to be blessedly low-drama, in stark contrast to the last 2 years. This is because in the last 2 years there have been dramatic aspects formed between outer planets that have brought up a lot of emotions and triggered much reactive behavior among humanity here on Earth. The worst of it was during 2020, when Saturn and Pluto formed a conjunction we called the “Pandemic Hot Degree.” During 2020 that hot degree was transited by Jupiter and also Mars with devastating effects, arousing a lot of fear among humans worldwide and impacting the responses of governments and populaces to covid. Some countries have had an easier time handling the pandemic than others, and if you’re still trying to make sense of or process the pandemic’s impact on your life, this playlist will help: The Astrology of Pandemic Year 2020

We Pandora astrologers thought at the time that things would be winding down as 2020 came to a close, but at this point, I believe the reason why the USA’s response was so poor has to do with our impending Pluto Return in the chart of the USA, which is a topic for a video we’ll make this year.

As 2021 came on, I did say that things would get smoother and easier, which in general they have. The reason for this is that the Pandemic Hot Degree expired in December of 2020 and in 2021 a new theme emerged, which was based in the square between Uranus and Saturn. It was the only aspect in the sky that contributed to the tone of the year and it was not at all triggered or intensified by Mars, Jupiter or any other planet. This has meant that the overarching themes of 2021 have been caught up in the battle between traditional and progressive, authoritarian vs democratic and centrist vs fringe. But these themes haven’t been saturated through and through with the level of fear and oppression we suffered under during 2020’s Saturn/Pluto conjunction.

In 2022, it gets better still because absolutely NONE of the outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) form aspects to each other. Things should be calmer this year in general in much of the world. Except in the United States, where our nation’s Pluto Return hits its peak of precision this year–this will no doubt be rough. I’ll let you know our thoughts about it when the video is ready.

Is love coming your way in 2022? Due for a career break?
Find out the details of the changes coming and their very specific timing–
so you can prepare to turn the cosmic tides in your favor!

During 2022, Pluto is in Capricorn, Uranus is in Taurus, Neptune is in Pisces and Chiron is in Aries–exactly as they were in 2020 and 2021. This video explains what it means when a planet spends many years traveling through a sign (we call them “planetary eras”) and for these 4 planets, it still applies: Planetary Eras: Outer Planets In Signs In 2020. As of 2022, Saturn and Jupiter are no longer in Capricorn, so that part of the video no longer applies, but our videos about Saturn in Aquarius and Jupiter in Pisces will bring you current. This month Jupiter moves into Aries, see our video below about that too. 

Our 2022 News Playlist includes these topics and more
It will be updated throughout the year with videos that are relevant for 2022.

Jupiter in Aries: The Honorable Hero

Jupiter is entering the sign of the Warrior this month. Jupiter in Aries is the Honorable Hero. A Jupiter transit brings confidence, enthusiasm, luck and opportunity to whatever part of your chart he is passing through. Jupiter is a natural fit for Aries as it is the ruler of fellow fire sign Sagittarius. Aries is the Warrior and Pioneer, the driven and self-determined side of us who maintains a quality of innocence— Aries, the newborn of the zodiac, always has hope. No matter what water has passed under the bridge, Aries is always ready for a fresh start. If planets in your chart will receive the invigorating, optimistic infusion of Jupiter’s energy this year, it’s a great time to take action and ride the wave of hope and positivity. Watch our video to learn the importance of ethics in dealing with Jupiter. Also find out important specific dates when Jupiter will be passing through Aries in two time frames.

How do May’s planetary movements affect you?

Check this YouTube playlist for Pandora Astrology’s horoscopes this month and watch the one for your Rising sign as well as your Sun sign. 

This year’s themes will affect you in individual areas of life according to your own astrology chart. What will their impact be for you personally? Look here to find out: Are You Currently In Transition?

What is your destiny? Your natal North Node tells you.
Here’s this month’s video in our ongoing series
about the Nodes in the signs….
North Node in Cancer:
Come In From the Cold, Let the Warmth In

Here is the fourth in Jamie and Julia’s series about the meaning of the Moon’s Nodes through the signs. The North Node represents a huge part of our evolutionary growth throughout life, but may feel almost alien to us, while the South Node represents past-life karma, but feels familiar and comfortable. If your North Node is in Cancer (which means your South Node is in Capricorn) your life’s challenge is to be in your feelings, to take care of people and to let yourself be taken care of (Cancer). Meanwhile, you must leave behind the Capricorn habits of stoicism and self-denial, along with the excessive focus on public status and respect. It may feel uncomfortable, but your purpose is to focus on your inner world, and on the metaphysical, rather than physical, layer of reality. Learn more in our video, including a look at the charts of famous Cancer North Node natives Oskar Schindler and Mia Farrow.

Mercury Watch

Mercury is slowing down before it goes retrograde May 10. This marks a time for all of us to be careful and lower our expectations around the efficiency of communication, technology, machinery, and local travel. Mercury is in Gemini this month and will spend its retrograde period moving backwards from Gemini into Taurus, where overthinking and abstraction just doesn’t cut it anymore. On May 21, Mercury retrograde conjuncts the Sun. We call this day Lesser Epiphany Day, and it is a day of illumination and insight where you can reap the intellectual fruits of your introspective period. Read more about how to handle this specific Mercury Retrograde with grace.


During the month of Taurus, the Sun slowly warms up the northern hemisphere, gently causing flowers to blossom and open in a rich profusion of color and scent. Ripening and abundance are the hallmarks of this Fixed Earth sign. People who exemplify Taurus are practical, sensual and consistent. The very epitome of slowness and solidity, Taurus values peace and sustainability. While the Sun travels through this sign, relax and take it slowly. Do things one small part at a time. All will get done as you do it slowly and deliberately, allowing yourself to sink into the wide landscape of your life. For hedonistic Taurus, paradoxically, smelling the roses and enjoying the sunset can make one more efficient, not less. The Sun will be in Taurus until May 20.

Spring finishes with the “month” of Gemini (May 20-June 20). Nature shows her profligacy as flowers bloom madly and grasses grow. Gemini is a Mutable Air sign. Mutable means “flexible” and “Air” means “concerned with the mind.” Gemini types live in their heads, flitting from one thought to another like a late-spring butterfly. They are in fact so flexible that it’s hard for them to focus—to keep their attention on just one thing can seem like torment. The Gemini in us likes to multitask, just to help us concentrate. Enjoy chasing your own mental butterflies during this lively and stimulating month.

If your birthday is coming, you’ll want your annual birthday reading (called a “Solar Return” reading) to happen in the month before your birthday–because your birthday is your Personal New Year. It’s the best time for setting resolutions, intentions and new life-directions. Get yourself in alignment with what your Greater Self wants for you this year, beginning with knowing what the plan is.

Happy Birthday, Taurus!

Here is your monthly horoscope for May:
“Community Activity and Ethereal Seclusion”

Jupiter in your 12th House blesses you with a general luck diffused throughout all areas of your life. This month, your prayers will be heard. Ceres is moving into Cancer, urging you to build healthy habits in your learning and communication. Mercury is in Retrograde in your 2nd House, prompting a time of reflection and review of your money, possessions, and values. Mars in your 11th fixes your drive on long-term goals, and may bring an air of competition with friends and community. Despite the promise of energetic activity, Venus spends most of the month traveling through your 12th House of seclusion and the ethereal, lending you an introversion and the desire for peace. Watch our video to see how the seething Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio will affect your relationships.

May’s Horoscopes Have Arrived

If you want to know how the sky news of May 2022 affects your sign,
check your horoscope here
Be sure to check your Rising sign first, then your Sun sign. 

Astrology Classes Coming Up

You get the class materials to study before we meet. In session we focus on examples in the the charts of students present and you get a recording of the class session afterwards. You’ll come away from each class session with fresh deep insight into your own chart as well as how other people’s experience differs from your own. Class size is small, limited to 10 people or less, so you can get individual attention in a warm and intimate atmosphere. Choose the class you want and register now to join.

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This series of 6 classes is where “as above, so below” really hits home. In this class you learn to calibrate your own evolution. We will look at your life events in the context of the planetary eras, planetary transits and life cycle periods you were in at the time. You will learn how to make a diagram of a transit and to consult a return chart. You will learn where you are in the human astrological life cycle and what that means for you right now. You will gain a deeper understanding of important events of your past and clarity about what’s coming in your future. You will experience yourself both in the vast reaches of time and also in the nonlinear experience of timelessness.

This Month’s Lunations

Each lunation (new or full moon) has a feeling-state that human beings will be prone to under it, a general mood.

“Cradled By Spiritual Action”
Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon in 25º Scorpio on May 15, 2022

This is a highly dramatic Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio with every potential for conflict, argument and power and control games. If not for the help and support of Pluto, Mars and Neptune, this one could be a train wreck. Full Moons (and especially those in Scorpio) are known for making big emotional waves, but with supportive sextiles and trines from Pluto in Capricorn (integrity and truth), as well as Mars and Neptune in Pisces (action guided by spirituality, faith, compassion), we are offered many possible paths to finding smooth (possibly even sexy) catharsis for this energy. During this eclipse we can release an old addiction to tumult and intensity in favor of grounding, stabilizing, peace and continuity. Find out the best ways to achieve gentle catharsis in our video. If you have a planet in your chart placed between 20º and 29º of a Fixed sign, you’ll feel this Moon. You’ll also feel it if you have anything in 0º of a Mutable sign.

“Truthful Words Help Set Relationship Boundaries”
New Moon in 9º Gemini on May 30, 2022

This month’s New Moon in Gemini is a great time to plant seeds in the dark—the beginning of a whole new cycle. This one carries Gemini’s love of intellectual stimulation, debate, conversation and ideas. With such a strong Gemini and Aries influence, this New Moon is high energy! The square to Juno in Pisces suggests challenges in our social networks or relationships that have ambiguous boundaries. Fortunately, harmony with Mars and Jupiter creates communications that are direct, forthright and clear. There is a feeling of freshness, innocence, and honesty with this Moon that it may press you to take a chance and see what happens! If you have a planet in your chart placed between 4º and 14º degrees of a Mutable sign, you’ll feel this Moon.

Want to capture the beautiful moon on film? Here’s an article I found about how to photograph the moon on

Your May horoscope video will tell you more about these Full and New Moons. When checking your horoscope, always check your Rising sign first, then your Sun sign. Your Rising sign’s horoscope will generally work better.

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