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Monthly Astrology Forecast for December 2022

Welcome to Pandora’s monthly astrology forecast. Here you’ll find news for the year, for the month and for dates this month when important changes are happening in our skies. You’ll also find words and videos explaining what they mean, how to handle them and how to know if they affect your chart specifically.

Pandora Astrology Monthly Forecast

December 2022 In A Nutshell

The New and Full Moons of December will be interesting, offering potential for conflict, but also healing and perspective. The Full Moon in Gemini happens on December 7th, and features a hot-blooded conjunction to Mars. The square to Juno indicates arguments in intimate relationships or business relationships. Full Moons are inherently relational, and this one occurs along the Gemini-Sagittarius axis of information. Irritation is likely to occur because of loud opinions, and the retrograde Mars ensures misunderstandings and reactivity. Try to slow down: Saturn in Aquarius offers detachment and maturity. Chiron in Aries brings up old wounds about expressing anger, self-assertion, and past arguments. His presence also suggests that honesty can be healing, and that in healing the present, you can also heal the past.

The New Moon in Capricorn occurs later in the month, on December 23, right in the middle of holiday season. The Sun and Moon are conjunct in prickly, stoical Capricorn, making it an interesting time to reflect on family. This moon may push you to confront the dynamics in your family, and how transactional they are. Ceres in Libra lends extra mother archetype energy, while Capricorn brings in fatherly energy, bringing up a tension between nurturing and being pushed to make something of yourself. Jupiter in Aries brings impulsive generosity and indulgence, but also levity and optimism. Careful not to overcompensate for negative feelings. Watch our video to learn more about these two lunations, and how to play the hand they’re dealing us!

Long-Term Shifts in 2022

This year promises to be blessedly low-drama, in stark contrast to the last 2 years. This is because in the last 2 years there have been dramatic aspects formed between outer planets that have brought up a lot of emotions and triggered much reactive behavior among humanity here on Earth. The worst of it was during 2020, when Saturn and Pluto formed a conjunction we called the “Pandemic Hot Degree.” During 2020 that hot degree was transited by Jupiter and also Mars with devastating effects, arousing a lot of fear among humans worldwide and impacting the responses of governments and populaces to covid. Some countries have had an easier time handling the pandemic than others, and if you’re still trying to make sense of or process the pandemic’s impact on your life, this playlist will help: The Astrology of Pandemic Year 2020

We Pandora astrologers thought at the time that things would be winding down as 2020 came to a close, but at this point, I believe the reason why the USA’s response was so poor has to do with our impending Pluto Return in the chart of the USA, which is a topic for a video we’ll make this year.

As 2021 came on, I did say that things would get smoother and easier, which in general they have. The reason for this is that the Pandemic Hot Degree expired in December of 2020 and in 2021 a new theme emerged, which was based in the square between Uranus and Saturn. It was the only aspect in the sky that contributed to the tone of the year and it was not at all triggered or intensified by Mars, Jupiter or any other planet. This has meant that the overarching themes of 2021 have been caught up in the battle between traditional and progressive, authoritarian vs democratic and centrist vs fringe. But these themes haven’t been saturated through and through with the level of fear and oppression we suffered under during 2020’s Saturn/Pluto conjunction.

In 2022, it gets better still because absolutely NONE of the outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) form aspects to each other. Things should be calmer this year in general in much of the world. Except in the United States, where our nation’s Pluto Return hits its peak of precision this year–this will no doubt be rough. I’ll let you know our thoughts about it when the video is ready.

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During 2022, Pluto is in Capricorn, Uranus is in Taurus, Neptune is in Pisces and Chiron is in Aries–exactly as they were in 2020 and 2021. This video explains what it means when a planet spends many years traveling through a sign (we call them “planetary eras”) and for these 4 planets, it still applies: Planetary Eras: Outer Planets In Signs In 2020. As of 2022, Saturn and Jupiter are no longer in Capricorn, so that part of the video no longer applies, but our videos about Saturn in Aquarius and Jupiter in Pisces and Jupiter in Aries will bring you current. This month, Juno begins her retrograde cycle, and you can see our video below about that too.

Our 2022 News Playlist includes these topics and more
It will be updated throughout the year with videos that are relevant for 2022.

How do December’s planetary movements affect you?

Check Pandora Astrology’s horoscopes this month and watch the one for your Rising sign as well as your Sun sign. This year’s themes affect individual people in individual areas of life according to their own astrology charts. How will they affect you? Look here to find out:  Are You Currently In Transition?

Mercury Watch

At the beginning of December Mercury speeds along, but begins to slow down in the week before it finally goes retrograde in serious Capricorn on December 29th. When Mercury slows down, you should do the same, and get ready for another period of introspection, miscommunication, and the general external frustration of everyday normal functioning. In Capricorn, Mercury is preoccupied with matters of ambition, career, reputation, maturity, integrity, and commitment. For more information about how to best use this retrograde to reconsider these parts of your life, read about this Mercury Retrograde.


Sagittarius begins the month of December with a bright, fiery mood generated by this Mutable Fire sign. Cheerful Sagittarius is the sign most associated with hope and faith. In the season of Sagittarius we consume the last of the perishables we have harvested before hunkering down for a serious winter mood in Capricorn. In Sagittarius we feast and grow fat, so that we have enough to carry us through the dark of the year. We are generous to our neighbors, because they will huddle with us round the fire and help us keep the spark alive. This year Sagittarius runs until December 21.

The first day of Capricorn is also the winter solstice, the day when the “sun stands” still (that’s what “solstice” means) in its yearly journey north and south of the equator. On the winter solstice the sun reaches the southernmost point in its path, warming the southern hemisphere and creating summer there, while its absence cools the northern hemisphere and creates winter there. Capricorn nights are long in the north and the winter solstice is the longest, darkest one. Thus does Capricorn remind us to take a serious look at life and prepare to achieve under the difficult conditions of winter.

If your birthday is coming, you’ll want your annual birthday reading (called a “Solar Return” reading) to happen in the month before your birthday–because your birthday is your Personal New Year. It’s the best time for setting resolutions, intentions and new life-directions. Get yourself in alignment with what your Greater Self wants for you this year, beginning with knowing what the plan is.

Happy Birthday, Sagittarius!

Here is your monthly horoscope for December:
“Watering Your Friendships and Unbridled Enthusiasm”

Juno continues to bring closure to your issues with familial relationships and your home, while Ceres moves into Libra and brings caring stewardship to the realm of your friendships. This includes feeding as well as weeding. Jupiter is direct and speeding into your 5th House, where he will bring his jubilant enthusiasm to your creativity, romantic life, and leisure activities as he did earlier this year. Be careful of gambling and overconfidence. Mars Retrograde is bringing review to your relationships and contracts, and it may well be a tricky time of having to correct previous work in these areas. Watch our video to learn about important Mars Retrograde days, what Venus and Mercury are up to, as well as the lowdown on this month’s lunations, watch our video!

December’s Horoscopes Have Arrived

If you want to know how the sky news of December 2022 affects your sign,
check your horoscope here
Be sure to check your Rising sign first, then your Sun sign. 

This Month’s Lunations

Each lunation (new or full moon) has a feeling-state that human beings will be prone to under it, a general mood.

“Impulsive Opinions Meet Pushback”
Full Moon in 16º Gemini on December 7, 2022

The Full Moon in Gemini occurs at 16º on December 7th, 2022. A close conjunction to a retrograde Mars highlights a tendency for aggressive words and outsized opinions. Falling along the axis of information, this moon will definitely affect our communications with others. Expect to have to take back damaging words and actions. The Sagittarian Sun can either blow up like a blowfish and refuse to budge from its pulpit, or tap into its love for expansion and the bigger picture enough to let the argument go. Lean into Juno’s Piscean compassion to avoid major blowouts in committed relationships, both romantic, collaborative, and professional. Watch our video to learn more about how to navigate the tension. If you have a planet in your chart placed between 11º and 21º of a Mutable sign, you’ll feel this Moon.

“Transactional Family Relationships”
New Moon in 1º Capricorn on December 23, 2022

The New Moon in Capricorn occurs at 1º Capricorn on December 23, 2022. You may find during this holiday season that it’s more soothing to dig into work than to feel the uncomfortable transactional dynamics of family. This moon involves a tense T-square configuration with Ceres and Jupiter. Ceres brings her physical, sensual care, while Capricorn brings the father archetype of discipline, and the two are in conflict. There may also be a tension between physical, material, and maternal nurturing. Watch our video to learn how Jupiter plays into this moon. If you have a planet in your chart placed between 26º and 29º degrees of a Mutable sign, you’ll feel this Moon. You’ll also feel it if you have anything between 0º and 6º of a Cardinal sign.

Want to capture the beautiful moon on film? Here’s an article I found about how to photograph the moon on nightskypix.com.

Your December horoscope video will tell you more about these Full and New Moons. When checking your horoscope, always check your Rising sign first, then your Sun sign. Your Rising sign’s horoscope will generally work better.

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