Forecast for September 2019

Long-Term Shifts in 2019

We have 2 important planetary aspects in play this year and both involve the planet Neptune. The first one, Jupiter in square to Neptune, will challenge us to see the world through a myriad of vantage points, and learn something from each of them. These lessons will show us how deeply our idealizations and illusions about the world and other people influence us (and not always for the better).

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You’ll remember that in 2018, Jupiter was in sextile to Neptune which helped us broaden our narrow opinions about people whom we shunned or deemed “beneath us.” We were invited to cultivate genuine tolerance and compassion for our fellow humans. Jupiter square Neptune is a continuation of the same themes of that transit, but in a more stressful way; the sextile felt easy and pleasurably stimulating. But now that these two are connecting by square there will be some heavy lifting to do and it’s likely to feel like work. I’ve been calling this transit “Mass Delusion” because Jupiter is endlessly expansive and Neptune paints the world with a rosy tint. In other words, many people experiencing this transit may find themselves drawn into a group fantasy or even out-and-out lie promulgated by a charismatic figure. Naive folks may be taken in. If this is you or someone you know, anchor yourself firmly to the practical or risk being carried away by big, useless and unreal ideas. 

Fortunately, this year’s other transit, Saturn sextile Neptune, will provide some of the grounding needed. This is a harmonious transit which brings necessary structure to any delusions of grandeur we’re still grasping onto. Saturn and Neptune are planets that plan for the future, although Neptune can get lost in the fantasy element of it, while Saturn can be rather inflexible about it. The two of them in sextile however, make magic happen. Neptune softens the defenses of Saturn and Saturn brings us the self-mastery needed to identify our Neptunian blind spots. Together they are capable of bridging earth and sky. 

We each have dreams of what we’d like our future to look like, but they get murky as our pretentions, immoralities, illusions, and limiting beliefs get involved. This year’s success will come to those of us who are able (and willing), to sort some of that out. We must look at the intricacy of our personal web of desires and dysfunction to see them for what they are. Doing so will help heal our personal and collective suffering this year.

How do September’s planetary movements affect you? 

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Planetary Stations and Retrogrades

Saturn stations direct on September 18th at 13° Capricorn. What have you learned about business? How do you relate to the authority figures in your life? Have you matured in any area? These are the questions that you will answer as Saturn begins moving forward once again. This is a time to pat yourself on the back for all of your hard work. And if you’ve been spinning your wheels, now is the time for momentum to begin building again. 

On September 21st, Jupiter squares Neptune for their final pass at 16° of the Mutable signs. You’ll remember that Jupiter helps us expand, learn, and develop bodies of knowledge while Neptune reminds us that even if we read every book on the planet, there are still mysteries that have never been plumbed. And so, in this final square of Neptune by Jupiter, we will be getting our mission orders for how to find that middle ground between knowing it all, and realizing that we will never know it all.

Mercury and Mars Watch

Are you ready to be busy, but in a very organized fashion? This is the theme of September, which features a Virgo emphasis and two “Epiphany Days,” one for Mars and one for Mercury.

On September 2nd, Mars conjuncts the Sun and we call this Heroic Epiphany Day. Mars is the archetypal Hero, Warrior, Pioneer and Athlete and when he’s moving forward at speed it’s easier to know what you want and pursue it with clarity. The day Mars conjuncts the Sun is especially loaded with inspiration and when this falls in Virgo, that inspiration is directed toward getting organized, tidying, cleaning and systemizing. Heroic Epiphany Day is a powerful day to organize your projects by using your will, energy and drive. This happens only about every 2 years and this time it’s happening in 9° Virgo.

Mercury is also moving forward and fast this month and on September 3rd, the swift-moving little guy quickly catches up with the Sun for a conjunction we call Greater Epiphany Day. That happens once every 4 months and this time it falls on September 3rd. Mercury is the archetypal Thinker, Communicator and Messenger; his Greater Epiphany Day is a burst of inspiration, the peak of a wave of intellectual clarity and speed, so projects begun now will get a good start and deadlines set in September can be met. You might think of this as the opposite of Mercury Retrograde. Plan to use the rest of September for the inevitable follow-through on this good wave of mental clarity. And if September 3rd is your birthday, you face a year of mental acuity. Here’s more good stuff about Mercury Retrograde and how it works. 

Heroic Epiphany Day (on Sept 2) falls in 9º Virgo and Greater Epiphany Day (on Sept 3) falls in 11º Virgo, which means that if you have anything at all in your chart around 8º to 12º of Virgo or another Mutable sign (Pisces, Gemini or Sagittarius) you will benefit especially from this burst of inspiration, clarity and drive. 

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September begins with the Mutable Earth sign Virgo. Earth and Mutability are an odd combination, because being an Earth sign makes Virgo grounded and solid, while being a Mutable sign makes Virgo flexible and changeable.  Blend these qualities together and you see that Virgo is the most flexible of the sometimes-stodgy Earth signs and can be very willing to make a change for pragmatic reasons.  Virgo the Organizer is the sign of first harvests, a time of sorting and separating the wheat from the chaff. This year Virgo runs from August 23 through September 22.

Summer is now coming to a close as the days grow shorter and the nights grow longer, leading us to the balance of the year in Libra.  That occurs at the autumnal equinox on September 22.  Equinox means “equal night,” signifying that the light is once again in balance.  Libra is a Cardinal Air sign, bestowing upon its natives grace, wit and a love of social activity.  Libra is naturally artistic, having a built-in sensitivity to beauty. Libra is also attuned to fairness and justice.

If your birthday is coming, you’ll want your annual birthday reading (called a “Solar Return” reading) to happen in the month before your birthday–because your birthday is your Personal New Year. It’s the best time for setting resolutions, intentions and new life-directions. Get yourself in alignment with what your Greater Self wants for you this year, beginning with knowing what the plan is.


Each lunation (new or full moon) has a feeling-state that human beings will be prone to under it, a general mood.

Full Moon at 21º Pisces: September 13, 2019

Full Moons are emotional in nature, and this one will surely play out in our relationships this month. The Moon is at 21º Pisces, and it conjoins Neptune, which is strong in its own sign. Opposed to this, we will have the Sun in Virgo, working in cahoots with a closely conjoined Mars. You may feel a need to assert yourself in your relationships this month, but rather confused about how to do so. This configuration also includes the opposition between Mars and Neptune. You and your partner may both be striving to get what they want from the relationship now, and you both may be tempted to resort to some indirect and underhanded ways to be heard. A helpful sextile from Pluto will bridge this disparity.  If you can strive to be as ‘aboveboard’ in your communication and actions as possible, then you can transform your relationships to better suit your emotional needs.

New Moon at 5º Libra: September 28, 2019 

New Moons are times when we can make a fresh start , or initiate something new. In the sign of Libra, this may affect our relationships and ability to share with others. The only problem is that we may feel that our individuality is being usurped by our partnerships. A tight quincunx from a staunchly independent Uranus can bring upsets from unexpected quarters, introducing a demand for freedom that sabotages the newly budding relationship. The solution is to individualize our approach to sharing and relating and not get caught up in codependent entanglements out of a habit of being nice. Additionally, an opposition from an equally independent Chiron in Aries may remind us that there are some issues from our deep past which are resisting our efforts to harmonize with another person. You don’t need to follow a template for how relationships should work right now. Do your own thing, but be prepared to compromise with a partner who is just as willing to go about things their own way.

September’s Full Moon is sometimes called the Harvest Moon.

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