Monthly Astrology Forecast for August 2020

Welcome to Pandora’s monthly astrology forecast. Here you’ll find news for the year, for the month and for dates this month when important changes are happening in our skies. You’ll also find words and videos explaining what they mean, how to handle them and how to know if they affect your chart specifically.

Pandora Astrology Monthly Forecast

Long-Term Shifts in 2020

2020 began with a very difficult planetary conjunction that set the tone of the year: Saturn Conjuncts Pluto in January of 2020. Saturn and Pluto connect about every 35 years and when they do, individuals, societies and nations go through massive transformation. The keyword for this transit is “oppression” and it activated something we like to call the “Pandemic Hot Degree” which contains an important spiritual lesson for humanity about power, control, vulnerability and responsibility. Find out more about that and how it affects you specifically in our playlist The Astrology of Pandemic Year 2020. This is the main transit of the year and it’s why 2020 feels so heavy, intense and dark. 

During the year, Jupiter and Mars each trigger the Pandemic Hot Degree several times, yielding specific dates to stay aware of your health and your safety. Here’s more about that: The Astrology of the Coronavirus Pandemic

As the year continues, Jupiter, newly in Capricorn, moves in and out of a conjunction with Pluto. Jupiter sometimes brings hope and confidence, making things better–but other times it just blows things up bigger and makes them visible when previously they were hidden. Hopefully this will bring a spark of positivity and shine some light into dark places. During 2020 Jupiter will also be dancing in a harmonious sextile with Neptune, fostering dreams and ideals and growing them further, adding to an increasing feeling of hope and possibility. As the year ends, Jupiter leaves Pluto behind and also exits Capricorn. Upon entering Aquarius in December 2020, Jupiter conjuncts Saturn, a connection that suggests wisdom from experience and an ability to make promises only in line with what you know you can deliver. And that may be the lesson this year. 

During 2020, Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter will be in Capricorn, while Uranus travels through Taurus, Neptune through Pisces and Chiron through Aries. This video explains what these long-tern “planetary eras” mean: Planetary Eras: Outer Planets In Signs In 2020.

Our 2020 News Playlist includes these topics and more
It will be updated throughout the year with videos that are relevant for 2020. 

Is love coming your way in 2020? Due for a career break?
Find out the details of the changes coming and their very specific timing–
so you can prepare to turn the cosmic tides in your favor!

Mars Retrograde
Triggering The Pandemic Hot Degree

Mars will be going retrograde in September—and it’s already started slowing down as of late July. This season it will trigger the Pandemic Hot Degree 3 times, and each time might cause some uproar, possibly outbreaks of violence due to frustration in the populace. This video about it includes a diagram showing exact dates when Mars will act as a trigger and also showing the point at which we can all breathe a sigh of relief.

A Country Divided:
Factions In The USA’S Natal Chart

Why does the USA seems at times to have a split personality? There’s one side that is rural, agricultural, and cares very much about homeland and heritage. Then there’s another side, perhaps best represented by the statue of Liberty, which welcomes immigrants and loves that we are a melting pot. How did we get to this place of such divisiveness and such angry political factions? There is a quincunx in the chart of the United States that’s at the root of it all. Find out about it and what can be done about it.

How do August’s planetary movements affect you?

Check this YouTube playlist for Pandora Astrology’s horoscopes this month and watch the one for your Rising sign as well as your Sun sign. 

This year’s themes affect individual people in individual areas of life according to their own astrology charts.  Will they affect you? Look here to find out: Are You Currently In Transition?

Mercury Watch

Mercury is moving forward and fast this month—hooray! The swift-moving little guy quickly catches up with the Sun for Greater Epiphany Day on August 17th. This is the peak of a wave of intellectual clarity and speed, so plan to use the rest of September for the inevitable follow-through. And if August 17th is your birthday, you face a year of mental acuity. Here’s more good stuff about Mercury Retrogrades and how it works.


The beginning of Leo season came on July 22 and will carry on until August 22. Throughout the month of Leo, the sun will shine bright and even if the weather cools down briefly for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, we can rest assured that the heat will return with a vengeance. Such is the nature of the fixed sign of Leo; we are dead in the middle of the season and so we persist. We tend the plants, we beat the heat. Wish your Leo friends a happy birthday by inviting them along on fun adventures, or simply by lavishing them with your attention. Leo loves to feel seen, appreciated and adored, and that kind of consideration can be the best birthday present of all. Fixed Leo is generous and passionate—while the Sun is in this sign, use the energies as an opportunity to delve into your creativity. The medium doesn’t matter as much as the intentional cultivation of deep joy that artistry (of any kind) can evoke in us.  

Virgo ushers us into the slow but steady transition between summer and fall. This year Virgo runs from August 22 through September 22. Virgo is the season of the first harvest, which is appropriate because analytical, detail-oriented Virgo is all about separating the wheat from the chaff, both literally and metaphorically. Virgo is the organizer, focusing on purging and cleansing, sifting through every detail.  This late summer harvest-time begins to set a tone of hard work for the winter by reminding us that the sunlight is now waning. Ruled by Mercury, Virgo is a Mutable Earth sign and this makes sense as Mutable signs are adaptive and responsive to environmental changes (like seasonal ones!). You can avail yourself of your own Mutable strengths during this time by shifting out of fast-paced summer routines and preparing to slow down. 

If your birthday is coming, you’ll want your annual birthday reading (called a “Solar Return” reading) to happen in the month before your birthday–because your birthday is your Personal New Year. It’s the best time for setting resolutions, intentions and new life-directions. Get yourself in alignment with what your Greater Self wants for you this year, beginning with knowing what the plan is.

Happy Birthday, Leo!

Here is your monthly horoscope for August:
“Do Your Actions Reflect What You Believe?”

August’s Horoscopes Have Arrived

If you want to know how the sky news of August 2020 affects your sign,
check your horoscope here
Be sure to check your Rising sign first, then your Sun sign. 


Each lunation (new or full moon) has a feeling-state that human beings will be prone to under it, a general mood.

“There Is No Us In Compromise”
Full Moon at 11º Aquarius on August 3, 2020

There’s a stubborn Full Moon in Aquarius happening this month, declaring that “there is no ‘us’ in compromise.” Even a small compromise might feel like capitulation. This might include conflicts on social media where, once your words have gone out there, it’s hard to take them back–even if you want to. How to end the arguments while saving face? Fortunately, Chiron steps into the breach with some refreshing (and healing) honesty.

“Message Received–Loud And Clear!”
New Moon at 26º Leo on August 18, 2020

August’s New Moon in Leo is a great Moon for inspiring people with your words. It contains a strong theme of “Message Received—Loud and Clear!” It’s a great time to speak your truth, use your voice to lead and follow with your actions. An impassioned message, delivered loudly and with great clarity will land strongly with the audience. This Moon has a lot of harmony and if you’ve been seeking your voice or your message, now could be when it emerges.

Your August horoscope video will tell you more about these Full and New Moons. When checking your horoscope, always check your Rising sign first, then your Sun sign. Your Rising sign’s horoscope will generally work better.

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