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Jupiter In Aries, the Honorable Hero

By September 13, 2022Jupiter, Signs: Aries

Jupiter in Aries: The Honorable Hero

Jupiter in Aries is the Honorable Hero. Jupiter is entering the sign of the Warrior this month. A Jupiter transit brings confidence, enthusiasm, luck and opportunity to whatever part of your chart he is passing through. Jupiter is a natural fit for Aries as it is the ruler of fellow fire sign Sagittarius. Aries is the Warrior and Pioneer, the driven and self-determined side of us who maintains a quality of innocence—Aries, the newborn of the zodiac, always has hope. No matter what water has passed under the bridge, Aries is always ready for a fresh start. If planets in your chart will receive the invigorating, optimistic infusion of Jupiter’s energy this year, it’s a great time to take action and ride the wave of hope and positivity. Watch our video to learn the importance of ethics in dealing with Jupiter. Also find out important specific dates when Jupiter will be passing through Aries in two time frames.

What is a Jupiter transit like?
Jupiter is the bringer of charisma, luck, and expansion. Jupiter will make you shine in the area ruled by whatever house Jupiter is passing through in your chart, and other people will find your enthusiasm, hope and positivity infectious. They will want to bring you opportunities. I could get lucky in this area this year.

What is Aries?
Aries is the first sign in the zodiac. It is the infant. Its ruler is Mars so it relates to independence, initiation and individuation. New Beginnings and self-affirmation are core themes for Aries. As a Cardinal Fire sign, Aries is focused on action, inspiration and will, which is necessary for taking life by the horns; however, the flipside of these Cardinal traits is sometimes a lack of follow through or longevity. Aries is also a sign associated with athletics, anger, aggression, and assertion. (Read more about Aries on Pandora Astrology’s blog)

What does it mean when Jupiter is in Aries?
Jupiter is Aries, a sign which is harmonious with Sagittarius, where Jupiter is naturally at home. Both Aries and Sagittarius are enthusiastic and action-oriented Fire signs. This makes it a natural fit for Jupiter, which seeks to expand into broader horizons, see the bigger picture, and create meaning whereas Aries desires to harness positive, fresh, daring, optimistic energy in order to seek new experiences and chart a unique course through the unknowns of life.

How Does It Affect You Personally?

Jupiter will be in Aries in two time frames: May 10, 2022 to October 27, 2022, then again from Dec 20, 2022 to May 16, 2023.

If you have any planets in Aries, those planets will be most significantly infused by Jupiter’s confidence, optimism, philosophical nature, and desire to learn, grow and expand.

Likewise, if there’s any planet in your chart in Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn, that planet will be affected.

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In conclusion, if you really want to optimize your Jupiter transit, you can get a reading to discover the best ways to harness the energy of the time.

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