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horoscopeHere’s the February 2020 horoscope for your sign, including how your sign is affected by Juno Retrograde’s “relationship renegotiation period”—what questions will come up for you about your relationship? The Full Moon in Leo will add emotion to this. Also watch for Mercury Retrograde in Pisces and how it connects with the New Moon in Pisces. Of course we also have thoughts about Jupiter’s lovely sextile to Neptune.

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ARIES horoscope, Renegotiate Loving Agreements With Your Valentine:

This month’s Juno Retrograde brings conflict in relationships even before Valentine’s Day happens. That’s because Juno triggers a retrospective period making you think about what’s really fair in your partnerships (both personal and work ones). This will likely create some tension between who you are as a lover and who you are as a partner. The Leo Full Moon on the 8th will remind you that arrogance and entitlement undermine negotiations instead of helping them.

Mercury also goes retrograde this month (as if Juno wasn’t enough!), which may serve to bring up old, unfinished conversations—possibly some you wish you didn’t have to think about—but responding with open-hearted compassion is all that’s needed. When the Pisces New Moon comes along on Feb 23, you’ll be ready for a bit of restful alone time as you swing into the final stretch toward your birthday, which is your Personal New Year’s “mop-up period.” Just when you’re ready for some introspection, Jupiter forms a lovely sextile to Neptune, bringing you career luck supported by visionary imagination. What will you dream up and act on in your 2020 Personal New Year?

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TAURUS horoscope, Does Your Valentine Serve You Or You Them?

You may not be one to assert yourself in your relationship much, but this month’s Full Moon in Leo and Juno Retrograde might make you think again. These influences are likely to pull you into some introspective moments where you ask yourself, “how much longer can I take this cr**?” When Juno, asteroid goddess of marriage, goes retrograde we’re all going to experience a relationship retrospective. Yours will be balanced with solitude and the important question, “am I serving my partner more or are they serving me more?” and you might feel the desire to bring that into more balance. Try to get negotiations handled early in the month so Valentine’s Day can go smoothly.

Also, later in the month there’s a lot of activity in your House of Friends as the Pisces New Moon lines up with a retrograde Mercury in Pisces, bringing the very real possibility of friends needing to clear old stuff with you so that the friendship can heal and grow. Prepare to say what you need to as clearly as you can, because the conversations you have here might make or break the friendship.

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GEMINI horoscope, Serious Fun With Your Valentine, Clear Head At Work:

You probably already know that Mercury Retrograde affects you strongly because as a Gemini or Gemini Rising, Mercury is your planetary ruler. So this month’s Mercury Retrograde in Pisces might hit you hard, especially as it occurs so close to a Pisces New Moon. You may need to be extra clear in what you say and extra compassionate when you listen. And listening you should do more of than usual. Chances of all these communication themes coming down in your career arena are very good. That’s because Mercury will be in your Tenth House of Career, so keep your words clean and kind at work. Also be ready to bend your full intelligence to solving the confusing problems that will come up at work.

Juno is also retrograde this month (as if Mercury wasn’t enough!) and that means everyone will be reevaluating their relationships. You’ll want to look for what’s fair in an attempt to restore balance where it’s been lost. In your case, as Julia puts it in our video, “the couple that plays together, stays together” so get out and have some serious fun with your Valentine this month. But also attend to the way the needs of your partnership may interfere with the love you hold for your friends.

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CANCER horoscope, Does Your Valentine Help You Grow?

This month’s Juno Retrograde period will bring up serious renegotiations for all of us, but for you some particular questions may arise. Does your LTR support your professional life, your relationship with your community and does it also give you a satisfying home life? Then too, how do you manage resources in your relationship—are the agreements fair ones and are they in need of an update? These questions will come up quite seriously this month for you Cancer, and not just in a marital context, but in business partnerships too.

There’s an emphasis on growth for you this month as several planets move into your Ninth House of Expansion and Travel. In particular, Mercury (ALSO going retrograde!) and the Pisces New Moon will trigger a retrospective of your worldview. Does it allow you to make sense of your world, find meaning and be happy—or not? And what needs to be communicated so that it can? 2020 is a year of growth in relationships for you and this month would seem to be a linchpin in that process.

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LEO horoscope, Who’s Got The Power, Your Valentine Or You?

Yup, Juno, asteroid goddess of marriage and committed relationships of all stripes is going retrograde and will this feel similar to Venus retrograde? You bet it will. This will throw the general population into a massive relationship retrospective, and a lot of boundaries will need to be renegotiated. For you, these are the questions to ask yourself: Is your LTR expanding you intellectually? How is the communication there? How is the balance of power between you and your partner? And are both of you getting the attention from each other that you need? Heavy conversations will ensue.

In the later part of the month Mercury also goes retrograde and when it lines up with the New Moon in Pisces communications can get a lot muddier. This means you will have to work harder to be clear in what you say and in understanding others too. And here’s the million dollar thought: clearing old intimate relationships is really worth doing so you can have better ones in the future. Closure is your friend so get some this month! Oh, and one final thought: Jupiter begins its three-pass sextile to Neptune this month and there couldn’t be a better time to begin strategizing how and when you’ll ask for more at work.

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VIRGO horoscope, Communicate Clearly, Build Trust With Your Valentine:

Valentine’s Day is upon us and this month’s Juno Retrograde brings up some important questions in your relationships: does your partner support your ability to earn an income and are you satisfied with how you and your partner share resources in your relationship? What about how you spend time? Does each partner in your relationship get the space they need and also feel involved in working on the relationship? The Full Moon on the 8th will likely bring some of these things to a head and you’ll feel a renegotiation of some basic agreements is due. Don’t be nervous about it!

Mercury (YOUR ruling planet) is also retrograde this month and it falls in your Eighth House of Intimacy. Therefore cleaning up old relationship communications is really worth doing (as well as inescapable). That’s because when you express your compassion for your partner what comes back to you is grace and joy. Great stuff! The New Moon in Pisces at month-end will muddy the waters, necessitating clearer communication than usual but it’s well worth the effort and can result in greater intimacy and deeper trust for the whole entire future of the relationship. And this definitely applies to both spousal and business relationships, so focus on the one that needs it.

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LIBRA horoscope, Be Your Own Valentine:

February begins with Juno, goddess of marriage and LTRs in your sign of Libra. Bone up on your partnership skills this month; reflect on who you are as a partner and as a person. In some ways those roles agree and in others, they collide. When Juno goes retrograde on the 8th everyone will go into a relationship retrospective period and will spend about 12 weeks asking themselves serious questions about their relationships. You should too—and not just marital relationships but business partnerships also. Look at yourself and your relationship in your community context. What do your friends think of your relationship and do you pay TOO much attention to that? Ask yourself about your LTR with your partner and also your LTR with yourself. Because at the end of the day, you’re the one you have to live with.

On February 16th Mercury goes retrograde and joins the New Moon in Pisces, bringing confusion at work. Your signature diplomacy will be needed. Old, unfinished work projects will crop up—or break—so approach with maximum patience and be ready to do damage control. Handle your own emotions and approach others with compassion. Jupiter begins its year-long sextile with Neptune at the end of the month, bringing you joy and grace at home and at work.

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SCORPIO horoscope, Are You Helpful To Your Valentine?

This month Juno goes retrograde in Libra in your House of Secrets. This will bring a retrospective of the hidden corners of your relationship. One question that will pop us is, “How are you helpful to your partner and they helpful to you?” The Leo full Moon of February 8th (same day Juno goes retrograde) also brings up the question of how do you balance work and solitude, home and career in your relationship. And another question is, “how does your LTR fulfill you spiritually—and could it do better at that?”

Mercury also goes retrograde this month (on the 16th) in your House of Creativity, suggesting there is a well of creativity within you that wants to bring forth words and ideas. Is it time to finish that dissertation or another shelved writing project? The Pisces New Moon awakens your imagination and suppresses your rational thinking, so draw on your heart and your spirit, rather than your mind. All in all a great month for creativity and scribbling.

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SAGITTARIUS horoscope, Is Your Valentine Also Playmate And Friend?

This month TWO planets are going retrograde. One of them is Juno, goddess of marriage and committed/contractual relationships—which includes business partnerships. Juno Retrograde will bring a reevaluation and renegotiation of all kinds of relationship agreements. The questions that are likely to arise for you include “Is your partner supporting your long-term goals? Do you support theirs? Can you truly have fun and express yourself with your partner? How can you be a more fun playmate for your partner too?” And even more, “How does your relationship fit into your circle of friends and your community at large?” The Full Moon in Leo on February 8th will bring things to the surface where you can see them. Getting these areas of your house in order will support the relationship for years to come.

Mercury is the other retrograde planet this month, starting on February 16th and happening in your House of Family. This may lead you to clean up old communications with family members and it might get really emotional. Approach with caution and compassion. Also note that Jupiter in your Second House of Finance means you’re in a money luck year. Jupiter and Neptune are conspiring to have family support you in asking for more at work. Are you ready?

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CAPRICORN horoscope, Does Your Valentine Enhance Your Reputation?

This month both Mercury and Juno are going retrograde. Juno will trigger a relationship retrospective for all us humans, and because she’ll be in your Tenth House, this will impact your career. Don’t be surprised if your business partner comes to you with old grievances. Be ready to respond with warmth and respect and then you can get the same in return. In your personal life you may be asking yourself: “Does my partner support my career, my public reputation, as well as being a good family member to me?” “How do we share resources? What things need renegotiating?” The Full Moon in Leo of February 8th will add emotion to these conversations.

When Mercury goes retrograde on the 16th and lines up with the Pisces New Moon on the 23rd you can expect communication to get really foggy. Listening with extra care and speaking clearly and compassionately will yield healthy closure. All in all, this month it’s about using communication to plant seeds that can grow into a newer, better version of your relationship. And you probably already know that Jupiter is in your sign ALL YEAR bringing you luck and prominence. It’s your time to shine!

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AQUARIUS horoscope, Can My Valentine And I Grow Together?

This month Juno goes retrograde on February 8th, bringing a relationship retrospective period. This lands for you squarely in the arena of Growth and Expansion (Ninth House). This pressure toward relationship growth will cause you to ask, “Does my relationship help me grow? Is my partner growing? Does the relationship have room for expansion? Or is one of us subsuming the other? And how do we balance all that?” Related to these questions, the Leo Full Moon of Feb 8 will also trigger this one: “Who gets more attention in this relationship and can we find a better balance?” Juno retrograde will play out until May so there’s plenty of time to answer these gnarly questions.

Mercury goes retrograde on the 16th and lines up with the Pisces New Moon on the 23rd. You’ll feel the impact in your Second House of Finances and Food. Is your diet working for you or do you need a change? Don’t get discouraged, just make the change and keep moving. Financially it’s time you handled that large pile of data that needs crunching for taxes. You’ll be so happy you did! And maybe your budget needs an update too.

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PISCES horoscope, Speak Clearly With Your Valentine:

This month’s Mercury Retrograde period is going to affect you strongly because it’s in your sign of Pisces. This will bring mental confusion while also heightening imagination. Paradoxically, this Mercury retrograde can help clarify your voice by muddying it. Speak with all the logic and compassion you can muster, especially when the New Moon in Pisces on February 23rd heightens everyone’s emotions. On the other hand, if you have Mercury in retrograde in your own natal chart, you might feel as if the rest of the world is on your wavelength for once.

But that’s all later in the month. Early in the month another planet goes retrograde, and that’s Juno, asteroid goddess of committed relationships. Juno Retrograde will trigger a relationship retrospective and renegotiation, bringing up some important questions for you personally: How are you handling money with your partner—are you satisfied with how you share resources? Do things feel fair, if not equal? Also, does your partner support your ability to make income? Also how is the intimacy bet you and your partner going? Is there anything that needs communicating there?

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