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Pandora Astrology’s January 2020 horoscope for your sign includes how your sign is affected by the Lunar Eclipse in Cancer opposite a large “puppy pile” of planets in Capricorn, with its themes of “overwork vs emotional outbursts.” Eclipses bring a glimpse of your shadow, so get ready to face it with grace. You’ll also find thoughts about the Aquarius New Moon and other planetary influences.

In these brief horoscope videos, made for you with love, Pandora Astrology’s team shows you how to navigate this month’s planetary influences for best results in your career, relationships, health and finances. Watch the horoscope for your RISING sign first, if you know it. Then watch the horoscope for your SUN sign (aka “your sign”).

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ARIES, Drama At Home Interrupts Career Ambitions:
Career continues to be a big theme throughout 2020 for you, because that cluster of Capricorn-placed planets in your 10th House of Career just won’t quit! That’s the good news. But the bad news is that an eclipse coming this month is going to remind you that life isn’t all about ambitions. You need a home life too–and January’s Lunar Eclipse in Cancer will bring some emotional outbursts to remind you that self-care is a necessary balancer to drive like yours…

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TAURUS, Out With Friends, Mind On Work:
Venus begins the month bringing charm to your Career House, then moves into your House of Friends, so get ready for a social whirl. Mercury moves into your Career House this month, so your mind will be on work–focus on what needs to be organizes there and don’t waste your brain cells on unnecessary worries. Ceres (your planetary ruler) is LOVING being in your Ninth House of Expansion, and she is happy to bring you the new beliefs you need to grow your wealth…

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GEMINI, Emotional Eclipse Brings Insight About Trust:
Your planetary ruler Mercury is joining the Sun in Capricorn in your 8th House of Shared Finances and facing off with a Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse in sensitive, caring Cancer on January 10th, bringing insights about trust and about finances, probably with some emotional drama mixed in. Handle all conversations about money gently from Jan 9 to 11. If you think you’re too “rational” to check your horoscope, you might want to reconsider this month because emotional drama is not your favorite!

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CANCER, Adventures With A Partner, Personal Transformation:
This month Venus may bring you travel and romance. What, you, traveling? Yes, it can happen even to you, Cancer. Mercury is trailing Venus now and that means he’s in your Eighth House too, and that can lead to some pretty heavy conversations, especially around the time of the Lunar Eclipse in your sign of Cancer. Managing your emotions during the eclipse (Jan 10) is going to be of paramount importance, as other people are going to push back. The eclipse’s tug-of-war between stoic hard work and hysterical over-emotionality is likely to play out right in your backyard. It’s the right time to practice giving–but not till it kills you…

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LEO, Take Solitude To Balance How Hard You Work:
When Mercury joins the Sun (and the large pile of other planets) in your House of Work, it might tug your attention towards work, but the Lunar Eclipse in your 12th House of Retreat will bring an emotional reminder that hard work must be balanced by restful solitude focused exclusively on self-care. Don’t let anyone argue you out of this valuable time and check your horoscope video below for more…

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VIRGO, Armor Yourself or Be Soft With Your Friends?
January’s Lunar Eclipse falls in sensitive Cancer in your House of Friends, opposite a grouping of Capricorn planets in your House of Creativity. Capricorn is famous for approaching life in an armored way, but this Cancer Full Moon/Eclipse will bring up emotions you didn’t know you had, and probably in social contexts. Instead of self-protecting out of embarrassment, this is a great opportunity for you to open up to your friends and really let them in. Later in the month, Mercury’s passage into your Sixth House of Work and a New Moon there bring new beginnings in the job arena…

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LIBRA, Self-Care Vs. Hard Work, New Creative Beginnings:
When your ruling planet Venus moves into the Sixth House you can maximize your charm on the job and beautify your work environment while you organize it. January’s Lunar Eclipse brings a dilemma of work vs self-care which may be accompanied by strong emotions but also clearer understanding about your home life and what works (and doesn’t) for you there. The Aquarius New Moon later in the month brings a freshness and new beginnings to your House of Creativity…

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SCORPIO, Rigorous Logic Vs Heart and Conscience:
During January’s Lunar Eclipse there’s a battle royal in your Third and Ninth Houses, between Capricorn planets pulling for toughness, vigilance, and rigorous logic and a Moon in Cancer which is likely to kick up some very emotional tantrums around January 10th if you forget to check in with your feelings, your heart and your conscience. And your horoscope video below says so much more…

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SAGITTARIUS, Get What You Want, But Include Others:
Mars enters your sign early in the month, bringing you a surge of will and decisive action. Use it wisely! This is a time when you can get clarity on what you want, go after it and even get it–but don’t do so at the cost of others you care about, or risk bigger problems with them later. Meanwhile, an “Epiphany Day” in your Second House of Money could lead to some big financial insights, but keep your eyes open for possible emotional blowups during the 3 days surrounding the Lunar Eclipse (Jan 9-11) because that Full Moon in Cancer will sit in your Eighth House of Sharing. This eclipse is tailor-made to remind us all that working too hard and forgetting self-care is no recipe for success, and you might hear that sort of complaint coming from your partner. How you handle your partner then could say everything about your relationship, so be a force for good…

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CAPRICORN, You Are Not A Machine:
At birthday time the spotlight points directly at self, but for you Capricorn, the spotlight is especially blinding because Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and other planets are occupying your sign this birthday. Needless to say the transformations these planets are bringing you will carry over into the new year and you should also be aware that the Lunar Eclipse of January 10 may bring some upsets in your relationship from those you are close to who may feel that you have been neglecting the relationship while being so absorbed in the deep changes going on within you. A little care and feeding of the relationship is all that’s needed to restore balance, and that means taking off the emotional armor. Can you do it?

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AQUARIUS, Update Your Style, Emotions At Work:
New beginnings are on the way for you! Chiefly you’ll notice them when January’s New Moon happens at the end of the month, in your First House of Self. It will be like a super-refreshing new start. But before then, some other planets will have their say. Chief among them is Venus, which begins the month already in your First House and she wants you to update your style, because your position on the Cuteness Scale is higher than usual and it’s a great time for updating your unique style. When Mercury joins Venus in your First House and meets up with the Sun for a Lunar Eclipse on January 10th prepare for strong emotions to come up in your job environment–an opportunity to find your voice…

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PISCES, Even You Can Be Self-Centered (If Only Rarely):
Hi Pisces, Mars’ presence in your Tenth House of Career means a rare opportunity to focus powerful drive into your career, along with clarity on what you want in that area. This will spill over into next month fortunately. You’re going to love it when Venus touches you with her magic Beauty wand this month, which is likely to either make you behave in a more charming way or to motivate you to update your style in a way others find attractive. This month’s Lunar Eclipse on January 10th may bring up strong emotions that put you into conflict with friends who think you’re paying too much attention to yourself, while you are busy comforting yourself with creativity and fun. The New Moon toward the end of the month should bring you back to a more usual state of introversion…

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