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June begins with a Lunar Eclipse that will bring up anger that needs to be contained and channeled so it doesn’t lead to an outburst of destructive emotion—especially if that emotion comes from something we believe in more than we understand it. Mercury goes retrograde this month, tangling up communications in its usual way, but with a more emotional feel than usual, because it’s in Cancer. The Solar Eclipse of June 20th falls in Cancer too, demanding that we examine our own emotionally driven behavior.

On the other hand, Venus goes direct, so the “Springtime of Relationship Retrospection” will begin to close. We’ve learned what’s missing in our relationships of the present and past—now it’s time to put that knowledge into practice. More about that here.

And in this month’s horoscope we talk about the Pandemic Hot Degree (22º Capricorn) and its lesson: “How can we take responsibility for things beyond our control—and do so graciously and gracefully?”

You can find out how these things land for you in your June horoscope. Remember to check your Rising sign’s horoscope first, if you know it (because that will always work better) and THEN check your Sun sign

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ARIES horoscope, Home and Career Both Under Stress:

Mercury goes retrograde this month in your 4th House of Family and Home, and there’s also an eclipse impacting that house too, so you’ll need to be cautious about how you communicate with family members—especially if you’re under stay at home orders. Venus and Juno are both ending their retrograde stints, thank goodness, so clarity should come in your relationships as the month progresses. Clarity will also come about actions to take as Mars moves out of Pisces and into YOUR sign, where he loves best to be. The Lunar Eclipse of the 20th will likely bring arguments about beliefs or faith vs logic—cool your jets, please! And finally, in this June horoscope we’ll take a look at the Pandemic Hot Degree and why its placement in your 10th house says that career is where you’ll be most impacted by the pandemic.

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TAURUS horoscope, Think Hard Before Borrowing or Lending:

This month communications are mixed with emotion because Mercury is going retrograde in the emotional sign of Cancer and the Solar Eclipse in Cancer heaps coals on that fire. It’s especially important that you don’t blow up about financial boundaries as they will no doubt be tested under the Lunar Eclipse at the beginning of the month. Definitely don’t lend money to friends as it’s likely to end badly. Venus Retrograde will return to direct motion this month (thank goodness!) and so the relationships you’ve been reexamining can find their way to clarity—one way or another. Venus’ placement in your 2nd House of Finance suggests you might spend, then regret, so rein it in. And we’ve got really important information for you about where the Pandemic Hot Degree falls in your chart—House 9 of Worldview—so get ready to graciously let go of some pet beliefs.

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GEMINI horoscope, Avoid Work Eruptions; Trust With Caution:

Mercury has invaded your House of Money and just to annoy you, is going retrograde this month. You’ll want to reevaluate your finances and your whole way of thinking about money. The Solar Eclipse later in the month brings in even more emotion to this area, so be curious about your feelings about money—instead of driven by them. Venus Retrograde will (thankfully) come to an end this month and this period of questioning your identity within the context of your relationships is about to come to an end. The Solar Eclipse on the 5th will intensify these relationship themes and you may see upsets, anger and eruptions in your career. Keep cool and don’t blow it! If your birthday is on June 5th you may spend your whole birthday year putting out fires in your career. After Venus goes direct (on the 25th), relationships can begin to move forward again. And we’ve got valuable information for you this month about the Pandemic Hot Degree, which falls in your 8th House. This means that the arena where you will feel the pandemic’s impact the most is likely to be in the area of sharing: intimacy, sexuality, trust, and monies lent and borrowed.

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CANCER horoscope, Communicate Clearly, Don’t Take It Personally:

Mercury begins the month in your 1st House of Self and goes retrograde mid-month. You might be easily misunderstood, so get ready to explain yourself more clearly than usual. This may be especially pronounced around the Solar Eclipse on the 20th because it falls in your 1st House too and may heighten a tendency to take other people’s confusion at your words personally. Venus is still retrograde at the beginning of June, so you’re probably immersed in reviewing sacrifices you’ve habitually made in relationships—but know that Venus will be going direct this month and you will soon feel the restrictions ease, allowing your relationships to move forward again. That will be nice! The Lunar Eclipse of June 5th may have you drawing lines if you tend to give too much (and what Cancer doesn’t?), but avoid angry outbursts, lest you say something you can’t take back. In this horoscope we’ve added a bit about the Pandemic Hot Degree, which falls in your 7th House, which says you’ll feel the pandemic mostly in your relationships.

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LEO horoscope, It’s Not All You, But You Can Make It Better:

Venus will end her retrograde journey this month and as she’s been occupying your House of Friends you may find that the reevaluation of friendships that has been going on in the back of your mind is ready to come to a close. The June 5th Lunar Eclipse may bring up anger, resentment and even a feeling of betrayal in the relationships where you’ve placed the most trust. Think before you act on these feelings as they may well be fleeting, and they may show you more about yourself than about the other person involved. Mercury is in Cancer and turns retrograde mid-month in your 12th House of the Unconscious, so you’ll be looking at your own dark corners. When the Solar Eclipse happens on the 20th expect that introspection to intensify as circumstances around you may force a look at your shadow. The Pandemic Hot Degree falls in your 6th House of Work Environment and this is also the House of Health so please, please, for your sake and the sake of those who love you, pay close attention to your health this year. Hear me? This is not a time to be stubborn.

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VIRGO horoscope, It’s Ok To Not Fix It All:

Get ready to face your shadow, because we have two eclipses this month and it might not be easy. Mercury has arrived in your House of Friends, only to go retrograde in the middle of June. Three days later, a Solar Eclipse happens there too. Needless to say, think carefully when you speak and be prepared to use this time to clean up old miscommunications with friends, associates, and those you are networked with. Fortunately, Venus is going direct this month—yay! You’ve been pondering how your partner impacts your reputation, and by the end of the month, clarity should come about that. Clarity should come about your work relationships too. Mars in your House of Relationships may bring conflicts with your partner, but don’t take the bait. And the Pandemic Hot Degree falls in your 5th House, so the effects of the pandemic might hit you in your pride—let it transform you because, despite your best efforts, you can’t fix everything in the world. This Pandemic degree is about accepting the things we cannot change. Instead, find peace in your heart while allowing things to be broken.

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LIBRA horoscope, You Cannot Control Everything At Home:

This month’s Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius may trigger angry conversations in your workplace—keep it cool! Mercury is in Cancer this month and goes retrograde in your 10th, to be joined by a Solar Eclipse later in the month. Watch out for emotionally driven communications that could negatively impact your career or reputation. Venus is finally going direct—yay! Find your way back to a place of growth, freedom and expansion with your partner. Mars in your 7th House has brought conflicts in relationship, but it’s moving on to your 8th house, so expect to feel a drive to invest and forward your financial life. This month we’ve included special information about the Pandemic Hot Degree. It falls in your 4th House so you’re likely to feel effects of the pandemic in your home life, patriotism and family bonds.

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SCORPIO horoscope, Save Your Sharpest Words For Another Day:

The Lunar Eclipse on June 5th brings up unconscious feelings about money, sharing and trust. Have water handy to douse the flames of argument. Venus goes direct in your 8th House, so the intimacy issues you’ve been dealing with should ease by month-end. Mars has been traveling through your 5th House, bringing conflict with your kids. That will ease as Mars leaves the 5th for the 6th House, but expect conflicts to arise at work instead. This month Mercury is in your 9th House and it goes retrograde on the 17th. This means that if you are involved in a legal case there may be snarl-ups, so don’t expect easy progress there. A Solar Eclipse comes a few days later, triggering unconscious behavior in support of cherished beliefs—the solution is to become more self-aware about them. And in your horoscope this month we discuss the Pandemic Hot Degree, which falls in your 3rd House of Communication—so you might want to avoid social media threads that encourage flaming.

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SAGITTARIUS horoscope, Safety Comes Before Adventure—Even For You:

This month Venus and Juno are ending their relationship retrospection period and you may feel that being close to your partner gets easier. A Lunar Eclipse in your 1st House combined with Mars in your 4th House brings up conflict at home and you’ll feel others are questioning your feelings and intuition. Keep it cool. As Mars moves into your 5th at month-end, you may feel competitive in gaming environments or be sharp with your kids. Mercury goes retrograde in your 8th House at mid-month, quickly followed by a Solar Eclipse there, suggesting that miscommunications will crop up over shared resources, debts you owe, or trust you feel about debts owed you. Also in this horoscope we discuss the Pandemic Hot Degree which falls in your 2nd House, suggesting that the course of the pandemic will impact your sense of safety and security. Watch our video about “The Astrology of the Coronavirus Pandemic” for dates when you should especially protect yourself.

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CAPRICORN horoscope, Your Integrity Is Everything:

June begins with a Lunar Eclipse in your 12th House of the Unconscious. This is likely to bring up emotions you didn’t know you had and that can lead to arguments under stress—so cool your jets. In the middle of the month, Mercury goes retrograde in your 7th House, causing you to reevaluate communications with partners, agents and legal counsel. What did they really mean by that? Additionally, a Solar Eclipse happens there at month-end, so don’t let emotions trigger unconscious reactivity in your relationships. The best news is that Venus ends her part of the “relationship retrospection” period going on this spring, so your relationships should start to untangle, particularly at work. During this spring you may be discovering that your health habits are overly pleasure-driven, so put into place some changes to your routines and cut out the indulgences. And most importantly, we have discovered a Pandemic Hot Degree and it’s in YOUR sign. This is the year in which you must take responsibility for things that are beyond your control and handle yourself with grace, not victimhood or bitterness. Your integrity matters more than anything. Draw on the Serenity Prayer as needed.

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AQUARIUS horoscope, Peek Into Your Unconscious, Update Systems:

There’s a Lunar Eclipse on June 5th and it falls in your House of Community, so watch out for arguments within your tribe and keep it cool. Late in the month, Mars moves into your 3rd House of Communication, where sharp words may occur—beware speaking in haste. The good news is, Venus goes direct later this month too, bringing an end to the relationship retrospection you’ve been in. This helps you relate better with your kids and have more fun with your partner. Mercury goes retrograde this month in your 6th House of Work. A Solar Eclipse in that house will show you the flaws in your organizational systems, so it’s time to tweak them. And most importantly, we’ve discovered a Pandemic Hot Degree and it contains this lesson: how do we take responsibility for things that are beyond our control? This degree falls in your 12th House of the Unconscious, possibly bringing pandemic-related experiences that surge up from hidden places in your life. The solution is to become aware of the rigid rules you are unaware of having, so you can avert its negative effects.

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PISCES horoscope, Watch Your Pride, Reexamine Fixed Ideas:

June begins with a Lunar Eclipse in your Career House: avoid angry outbursts that may compromise your career. Mercury is in your 5th House of Children and going retrograde, so expect miscommunications with your kids. A Solar Eclipse will also happen in that house, so you can expect hits to your pride. Save face by letting go of looking good. Venus goes direct later this month, finishing the relationship retrospection period we’ve all been having. This has landed in your 4th House of Home and Family. Take what you’ve learned about how to live with someone you love and use that information to make your relationship better. Mars has been traveling your 1st House, pressing you to be more assertive than usual, but later in the month it moves into your 2nd House of Safety. Don’t let paranoia about your personal safety drive you to angry behavior. And finally, in this June horoscope we’ll take a look at the Pandemic Hot Degree and why its placement in your 11th house says that your cherished ideologies will be what’s most impacted by the pandemic. Be ready to reexamine them.

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