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In your April horoscope we talk about Jupiter in Aquarius and the arena of your life where you can expect growth and expansion this year. The month begins with the fiery energy and drive of Aries, bursting with the force of springtime. As the month goes on, the slow Earthy nature of Taurus emerges. We talk about the New Moon in Aries which is “Assertive But Also Relatable” because of its emphasis on Fire and on Mars, but with a lot of harmony and not much stress. We also discuss the Scorpio Full Moon with its themes of “Focused Obsession Balanced With Calm Objectivity” because of the Moon’s harmony with Mars and Vesta, while facing down an opposition from the Sun and Uranus in Taurus. Find out how these things impact you in your April horoscope.

Remember to check your Rising sign’s horoscope first, if you know it (because that will always work better) and THEN check your Sun sign. Don’t know your Rising sign? Use this blogpost to cast your own chart for free on astro.com and discover your Rising sign, Moon sign and much more.

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In these brief horoscope videos, made for you with love, Pandora Astrology’s team shows you how to navigate this month’s planetary influences for best results in your career, relationships, health and finances. Watch the horoscope for your RISING sign first, if you know it. Then watch the horoscope for your SUN sign (aka “your sign”).

Don’t know your Rising sign?

Use this article to cast your chart on Astro.com for free and discover your Rising sign, Moon sign, and much more: How To Use Astro.com To Cast Your Free Astrology Chart.

ARIES horoscope, Me! And Also Money:

If your Sun is in Aries, happy birthday! In your April horoscope we discuss your year of Jupiter luck and the arena of life you’ll feel it in. This month’s Taurus themes bring your attention to your finances where you should watch how you spend on luxury items. The Aries New Moon of the 11th brings you a lot of energy and drive, but beware going off half-cocked. Mercury is traveling your sign this month, making you especially articulate. These topics and more in our April horoscope video, just for you.

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TAURUS horoscope, Out With the Old, In With the New:

If you’re a Taurus Sun, you’re in your yearly mop-up period, which means there are a lot of uncertainties this month. Change is afoot. Fortunately lovely Venus (one of your favorite planets) heads into your 1st House to suggest ways to improve your style and appearance. Mercury then joins Venus there to make you even more charming and articulate too. The Aries New Moon might stir up unconscious feelings, but the Scorpio Full Moon is likely to bring passion to your relationship. Enjoy Taurus season and clear the decks for new beginnings. More in your April horoscope.

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GEMINI horoscope, From Social Whirl To Inner World:

This month might begin in a social way, but quickly you find yourself craving solitude. What? Really? But you’ve got to head into your yearly self-reflection period in preparation for the new year to come (it’s especially true if you are a Gemini Sun, but it’s also true if you are a Gemini Rising). The social whirlwind caused by Mercury and Venus early in the month gives way by mid-month to introversion and introspection. But that’s ok—you’re Gemini. You’re used to talking to yourself. The Scorpio Full Moon at month-end will see you focusing intensely on the job (again, doesn’t sound like you, right?) but there’s nothing like a deliberately disruptive influence to make you want to focus just as an act of rebellion. More about all these things in your April horoscope.

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CANCER horoscope, Launch Your Social Media Campaign:

This year (all year!) Jupiter is bringing you a deepening of connection in your relationships. Find out why in your April horoscope. Other topics include the Aries New Moon which is lighting career sparks for you (gird your loins to ask for that promotion?) and the Scorpio Full Moon which could allow you to cultivate a little positive obsession in your creative projects. A gathering of planets in your House of Friends can amp up your social life and do great things for your social media marketing. Your April horoscope has these clues and more.

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LEO horoscope, Charm Helps You Progress At Work:

The career themes are thick on the ground in your April horoscope. A gathering of Mercury, Venus and finally also the Sun in your 10th House help you muster the clarity of mind and also the charm to progress at work. Beware of conflict with friends though. The Aries New Moon has you on a search for meaning and dialoging with others about beliefs. The Scorpio Full Moon might bring drama at home, enabling a helpful clearing. Your March horoscope has all this and more.

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VIRGO horoscope, Make a Debt Plan, Find Resilience:

The month begins with an emphasis on intimacy, whether that means emotionally, physically or financially. Expect new beginnings there, perhaps in directions that can help you with debt or credit. As April continues a movement of several planets into your House of Broadening Experiences might have you planning travel, educating yourself or on a search for meaning. The Scorpio Full Moon brings some intense communications with housemates, siblings or neighbors—be prepared to listen and not overreact. Your April horoscope has more.

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LIBRA horoscope, Invest Carefully, Who Do You Trust?

The month begins with a focus on relationships and you’ll find yourself facing opportunities to assert yourself and do it with charm and persuasion. The Aries New Moon is a great time to make social connections on your own terms. As the month continues, planets gather in your House of Intimacy and Finance, where intimacy can deepen in your relationships. The Full Moon in Scorpio may bring up strong emotions around trust and you might ask yourself, what’s mine and what do I share—and how can I stabilize my relationships that involve mutual trust? Find out more in your April horoscope.

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SCORPIO horoscope, Scorpio Full Moon? Unlock the Volcano:

The beginning of the month finds you doing spring cleaning (whether physical or virtual) and it’s going to feel pretty good to create beauty through order. Throw yourself into it spontaneously and you’ll be surprised how much you get done—the Aries New Moon is the best time for that. As April continues your attention moves to your relationships, where you’ll charm partners and have stimulating conversations. The Scorpio Full Moon might bring up a lot of feelings and that can help you create more intimacy by “unlocking the volcano.” More in your April horoscope.

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SAGITTARIUS horoscope, Play, Play, Play! Then Work, Work Work:

April begins with an emphasis on fun and entertainment and relating with your kids. If you’ve forgotten the importance of play, the Aries New Moon is a good time to remember it. And if you’re single, Venus in your House of Love Affairs might bring you somebody to have a fun, light fling with. Later in the month your health will assume greater importance, especially when the Scorpio Full Moon pulls you into “solace in solitude.” Discover it all in your April horoscope.

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CAPRICORN horoscope, Feather Your Nest, Get Ready To Play:

April finds you feathering your nest and spending time at home. The Aries New Moon may have you asserting yourself and your needs in ways that are so charming that you actually get your own way. Later in the month it’s time to play and put attention on your own self-cultivation, despite the tug of your social life. Find ways to have fun and enjoy life’s pleasures. More in your April horoscope.

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AQUARIUS horoscope, Speak Persuasive Words, Beautify Your Home:

You’ll find your mind stimulated this month with many conversations buzzing around your head. It’s a good month for writing and capturing ideas. Also for communicating persuasively, especially under the Aries New Moon. When Taurus season begins and the Scorpio Full Moon comes on you’ll find yourself preoccupied with your home life and how to make it as comfortable as possible. When Venus arrives in your 4th House of Home & Hearth, beautify your home in lasting ways. Find out more in your April horoscope.

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PISCES horoscope, Persuade Money To Come To You:

April finds you preoccupied with your money and how to save and spend it. The Aries New Moon might bring exactly the charm and persuasion needed to bring your income up. Venus would like you to spend and she might point you toward higher end items. Later in the month Taurus season begins, bringing the focus to communication. Watch out for arguments with those you have a relationship of trust with (like your spouse or your mortgage company). Plan to expend energy on house projects this month. It’s better than fighting! More in your April horoscope.

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