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This month we have two Full Moons in a single month; the second one is therefore a Blue Moon. A Blue Moon doesn’t have any astrological meaning; it’s just a fun phenomenon. This one happens on Halloween but in a pandemic year it’s doubtful how much fun Halloween will actually be. A month with a lot of Moons will be an emotional one and your October horoscope will help you respond in the best possible way.

Mars is still retrograde during October and Mercury goes retrograde too, which will affect Water signs the most strongly. Check your horoscope to find out how these things land for you. Remember to check your Rising sign’s horoscope first, if you know it (because that will always work better) and THEN check your Sun sign.

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How To Use These Horoscopes:

In these brief horoscope videos, made for you with love, Pandora Astrology’s team shows you how to navigate this month’s planetary influences for best results in your career, relationships, health and finances. Watch the horoscope for your RISING sign first, if you know it. Then watch the horoscope for your SUN sign (aka “your sign”).

Don’t know your Rising sign?

Use this article to cast your chart on Astro.com for free and discover your Rising sign, Moon sign, and much more: How To Use Astro.com To Cast Your Free Astrology Chart.

ARIES horoscope, Communication, Money and Trust:

Mars Retrograde continues bringing you frustrations with self-assertion and anger (sorry!) while the Libra New Moon at mid-month brings a chance to start over in your relationships. This is a good month for enjoying work and the people there. Spend time reviewing your finances as Mercury Retrograde is asking “who can you trust?” This and more in your October horoscope. Oh, and lucky you, your October horoscope begins with a blooper. Enjoy!

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TAURUS horoscope, Toiling In Obscurity, But Dating Is Fun:

You might well feel that you’re not getting enough credit for work you’re doing—Mars in your 12th House can have you toiling in obscurity. Beware of anger emotionally exploding from your subconscious as Mars continues traveling retrograde there this month. Fortunately it’s a fun month for dating and there are strong relationship themes during the Halloween Full Moon (which is also a Blue Moon). Find out why in your October horoscope.

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GEMINI horoscope, Review, Reconsider, Reorganize:

Mars Retrograde has been bringing you frustrations with friends, and they may get emotional this month. But the good news is, getting along with your family could be smooth. Mercury is going retrograde too (damn!) so it’s time to review your organizational systems and reorganize stuff. There are two Full Moons this month, which means a Blue Moon lands on Halloween –stay safe and don’t let your unconscious drive you towards risky behavior. More news in your October horoscope.

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CANCER horoscope, Communicate Love To Your Children:

This month Mars Retrograde continues to bring frustrations and flare-ups in career and with authority figures in your life. Additionally, several Moons bring strong emotions to career, home and also community. Fortunately Venus brings a sweetness to your immediate environ, allowing you to enjoy your neighborhood. But watch out for Mercury, which also goes retrograde this month, bringing potential miscommunications with your children or challenges in homeschooling them. Your October horoscope explains it and much more.

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LEO horoscope, Cabin Fever? Communicate Cleanly At Home:

Three Moons (two Full, one New) this month bring high emotions into home, career and also your worldview. You’re feeling frustrated about not being able to expand, stretch out or travel. Mercury Retrograde brings miscommunications at home with family members, and you’ll be rethinking how safe and secure your nest is. More about these and other things in your October horoscope.

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VIRGO horoscope, Utilize Your Charm, Don’t Sign Anything:

This month you can expect flare-ups about money and frustration in your intimate life. This despite Venus in your First House which has you projecting extra charm this month. It’s a great time to make improvements to your appearance or style. Mercury Retrograde is on, so expect miscommunications and overcompensate to get your point across. You may have to review documents and contracts; it’s best to avoid signing anything until next month when Mercury Retrograde ends. This and more in your October horoscope.

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LIBRA horoscope, Reexamine Your Finances:

Mars has been stirring up conflict in your partnerships for at least a month now and October continues the trend. The Aries Full Moon of October 1st will bring high emotions about it.

Mercury goes retrograde in your House of Money, forcing you to reexamine your finances and the Full Moon on Halloween adds emotion to that too. It’s likely trust issues will come up this month and Venus in your 12th House may suggest you’d rather have solitude. This and more in your October horoscope.

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SCORPIO horoscope, Tap Off Frustration At Work:

The frustrations you’ve been experiencing at work and in your health will be exacerbated by the Aries Full Moon of October 1st. Don’t let your emotions get the best of you. Mercury goes retrograde in your 1st House which means you might be more easily misunderstood, and this is intensified during the Halloween Full Moon, when your partner might be more stubbornly resistant to your attempts to control them. Be as clear as you can because manipulation will get you nowhere. Venus in your 11th says you may be feeling more gregarious than usual this month, and more likely to receive affection from friends. These things and more in your October horoscope.

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SAGITTARIUS horoscope, No Concealment or Lies of Omission:

Mars Retrograde and the Full Moon in Aries in your 5th House bring conflicts that make it hard to relax and recreate; also if you’ve recently gotten yourself into a fun, sexy love affair you may meet with frustrating obstacles there too. Mercury goes retrograde this month too, and combined with the Full Moon in Taurus on Halloween brings frustrations at work and the need to be extra clear in your communication; don’t conceal facts or engage in lies of omission because they will haunt you. This and more in your October horoscope.

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CAPRICORN horoscope, Why Isn’t Home The Haven It Should Be?:

Mars Retrograde in your 4th House has been making home life stressful and is intensified by the Full Moon in Aries at the beginning of October. Have patience and remember how important self-care is. Mercury goes retrograde mid-month in your 11th House, whispering that you must communicate clearly with friends. The Full Moon on Halloween will have you wanting to party but perhaps feeling frustration about how to do it safely. This and more in your October horoscope.

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AQUARIUS horoscope, Bring Extra Clarity To Career and Goals:

Mars has been retrograde in your 3rd House for at least a month, and this month the annoyance you’re feeling about the people near you (like neighbors, housemates or siblings) will be  exacerbated by the Full Moon in Aries of October 1st. Don’t explode. Mercury goes retrograde in the middle of the month in your 10th House, so communicate with extra clarity at work—and if you’re not working you might be rethinking your career path and your goals. The Full Moon on Halloween intensifies your home life so find ways to assert yourself there, even when you’re feeling stubborn or your family members are. This and more in your October horoscope.

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PISCES horoscope, Rethink Your Life Philosophy:

Finances are the area of concern this month. Mars Retrograde in your Second House has been hammering on you for a couple of months now and this month it says that you need to backpedal where you’ve been financially impulsive in the past. The Aries Full Moon of October 1st adds emotion to this arena. Mercury goes retrograde too and will have you deeply rethinking the meaning of your life. The bright light in all this is that lovely Venus is gracing your 7th House of relationships with some really sweet juju. This and more in your October horoscope.

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