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July’s New Moon in Cancer brings Neptune’s sweetness with a Uranian touch of the unexpected—therefore we’ve dubbed it “Random Kindness” and it’s a great opportunity to improve your karma by doing nice things for people without taking credit. The Aquarius Full Moon brings some “Community Support” into the warm, expansive season of Leo. Juno continues traveling backwards (retrograde) all month, so our yearly “relationship retrospection” period continues, coming to a close in early August. Chiron also goes retrograde this month, bringing to some a turning point in your healing process.

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ARIES horoscope, Balance Your Anger; Heal Your Relationship

Juno is still retrograde in your 9th House, demanding that you be in relationships that allow you to grow and expand, not be stifled and squashed. Chiron aligns with Juno to bring about a deep healing of your assertion so you can conduct your relationships with healthy assertion instead of passive aggression or overt aggression. This month, practice random kindness with family members under the Cancer New Moon on the 9th. The Aquarius Full Moon on the 23rd brings “community support.” More about these topics in your July horoscope.

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TAURUS horoscope, Intimate Relationships, Healing Your Unconscious

Juno is busy prompting you to engage in retrospection about your relationship—in its most intimate corners. There’s a whirl of activity at home (Mars in your 4th House), so expend your energy by making your home more beautiful and congenial. Mercury is speeding up in Cancer, bringing clearer articulation of emotions. Chiron brings on this year’s retrospection on your unconscious wounding. The next few months could bring some healing experiences—especially if you check out our Chiron video to find out more about how the Wounded Healer works.

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GEMINI horoscope, Feedback From Friends, Your Voice Expands

Welcome back! With Mercury now direct (not retrograde), you are feeling more like yourself again. This month Juno is still retrograde, so relationships and growth continue to be a focus. Mercury in Cancer brings emotional thoughts up for examination. Chiron goes retrograde in your 11th House of Friends, who may have some helpful feedback to share with you as well. Listen to them if your ego is feeling fragile. Later in the month the Sun moves into Leo—a good time for creative expansion of your voice through writing and communication. More in your July horoscope.

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CANCER horoscope, Embody Random Kindness

The New Moon in your sign prompts you to kind acts which bestow good karma on you. July’s Full Moon in your House of Friends may cause them to reflect you to yourself. This is not poking; it’s support. Juno is still retrograde, so your relationships are under examination, especially work partnerships—how can you help them grow? Mercury enters your sign this month, bringing articulation of feelings you may not usually have words for. ‘Can’t get no respect?’ The Wounded Healer goes retrograde in your Career House, focusing on healing your sense of authority, but it’s likely to bring up some ouchies along the way. Our video about Chiron the Wounded Healer adds to these thoughts.

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LEO horoscope, Socialization and Contemplation

With Mars and Venus in your 1st House for most of July, you’re comfortable asserting yourself but do so with diplomacy. July’s New Moon in Cancer emphasizes your emotional connections to loved ones, inspiring you to nurture those closest to you through random acts of kindness. With Mercury in your 11th House and the Aquarius Full Moon, socializing with your chosen tribe will appeal. Be prepared for the Chiron and Juno retrogrades which will have you contemplating, “Am I growing and having fun with my partner?” as well as the big questions in life, like “What’s my purpose?” Your horoscope contains clues about how to live your best life during July.

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VIRGO horoscope, Reflect and Let Go

July encourages you to reconsider your sense of community, self-care rituals and long-term goals. Are they aligned to manifest your deepest aspirations? Through mid-month, seek the advice of your tribe and the support of your social networks, especially work colleagues. Thank them for their help with open-hearted, random acts of kindness. (Your karma will thank you.) Then, later in the month, consider their feedback and retreat to a solitary, safe space where you can contemplate what (and who) no longer serves your highest good. What do you want to hold on to and what do you need to let go? But, beware of self-sabotage ― with Mars in your 12th House most of the month, the risk of undoing your progress is high. Watch your horoscope to learn how to live your best life during July.

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LIBRA horoscope, It’s All About Work-Life Balance

Mercury begins the month in your 9th House, inspiring you to take that long-awaited vacation or educational course; by mid-month, it moves into your 10th House, re-focusing you on career strategies, long-term goals and new work projects. During this time, it’s important to balance your professional and personal life. Remember to take time for self-care and to spend quality time with your partner. Nurturing your mind, body and soul will make you even more productive on the job. Luckily, you’ll get some help with work-life balance from Venus and Mars who energize you to care of yourself, and others, through service-oriented activities. Watch your July horoscope for more.

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SCORPIO horoscope, In Career: Drive, Charm and Leadership

July’s horoscope focuses on your career arena: bring your drive and be prepared to work independently, but also bring the full force of your charm and leadership qualities. The beginning of Leo season also brings a warm, leaderly quality to your career arena. The New Moon in Cancer says, “doing an act of kindness for someone who is very different from yourself will expand your bubble of empathy.” Under the Aquarius Full Moon expect strong feelings in your home, but bringing a sense of community into your home should help. Check your July horoscope for more good stuff.

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SAGITTARIUS horoscope, Fun and Travel—Just Your Thing

Mercury leaves your House of Partnership for your House of Intimacy—a focus on communication with your partner turns into deeper intimacy and sharing. Enjoy the experience of growth and expansion, not just in your relationships but in the way you experience yourself as a person as well. Venus and Mars traveling through your 9th house of higher education, philosophy, and long-distance travel suggests a fun trip might be a grand idea. Chiron traveling through your 5th House of Fun adds that a vaca might bring on a healing of your inner child. These topics and more in your July horoscope.

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CAPRICORN horoscope, Renegotiate Joint Finances

Venus and Mars in your 8th House of Sharing place a strong focus on joint finances this month. Mercury moves into your 7th House of Partnership, bringing clarity of communication to the arena. Use this opportunity to have all the conversations needed with your partner to leave you feeling secure and understood. Approach it openheartedly and you have a better chance of getting your needs fulfilled. Chiron in your 4th House says bring healing to your home space. These details and much more in your July horoscope.

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AQUARIUS horoscope, Be Active With Partner, Kind At Work

Your July horoscope features a lot of focus on relationships. Juno Retrograde is continuing her “relationship retrospection” period, plus Venus is making you charming and relatable in your relationships, while Mars is making you feisty and assertive in your relationships. A mixed bag, right? Find joint activities to do with your partner—that will help you tap off the excess Mars energy. Under the Cancer New Moon (July 9th) sow seeds of random kindness at your workplace—you can be the one who makes it a nicer place for everyone there. Chiron’s long-term transit through your 3rd House of Communication brings opportunities to heal your voice.

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PISCES horoscope, Grow In Your Work Relationships

July is a fun month for mental games or playing with your children. It’s also a great month for planting seeds of random kindness for the sheer enjoyment of it—particularly under the Cancer New Moon of the 9th. Juno is still retrograde throughout July, and still triggering a retrospection about your relationships with colleagues, coworkers and clients. The Aquarius Full Moon on July 23 will have you craving solitude while you are in groups—and if that sounds like a paradox, it’s because it is. You’ll find more details in your July horoscope.

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