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horoscopeThis month’s Full Moon in Scorpio (on May 7th) brings up some dark emotions. We’ve named it “Rebirth Is Characterized By Loss” and you might well ask, “should I resist this process of death-and-rebirth, or surrender to it?” Your horoscope has the answer and also explains what area of life these feelings are likely to arise in. Later in the month, the Gemini New Moon (on May 22nd) brings a MUCH lighter feel and also a very social one. Perhaps this implies that our social lives will open up or that restrictions on our social lives (ie. stay at home orders) may lift, or it might just point to our adaptation to using other forms of media to connect. Whatever way it happens, later in the month we’re likely to feel that we can connect meaningfully across the empty spaces between us, and that’s a really nice feeling.

This month Venus goes retrograde, continuing our “Springtime of Relationship Retrospection” (more about that here) and we’ll continue to reflect on past relationships and attempt to improve present ones. Remember that one partner will always need more space than the other (whether that’s you or your S.O.) and one partner will always be more introverted than the other. Honoring each other’s styles and needs is a great way to get through this pandemic with your relationship intact.

Mercury enters Gemini this month, bringing intellectual stimulation, while Mars enters Pisces, which might make all of us a bit sleepy. You can find out how these things land for you in your May horoscope. Remember to check your Rising sign’s horoscope first, if you know it (because that will always work better) and THEN check your Sun sign.

How To Use These Horoscopes:

In these brief horoscope videos, made for you with love, Pandora Astrology’s team shows you how to navigate this month’s planetary influences for best results in your career, relationships, health and finances. Watch the horoscope for your RISING sign first, if you know it. Then watch the horoscope for your SUN sign (aka “your sign”).

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ARIES horoscope, You, the Communicator and Connector

Communication is a big theme this month with a large gathering of planets in your 3rd House, positioning you to support your community by staying in touch. This month’s Full Moon in Scorpio is an intense one—don’t get overemotional and controlling about intimacy (whether emotional, sexual or financial) or your partner may have to talk you down from a ledge. Stuck under Shelter In Place / Stay At Home orders? Keep connected to your neighborhood by jogging or walking the dog since your ruling planet Mars has to do something with that pent-up energy. (just remember to stay 6 feet away from others because we want you safe!) Mars really doesn’t like being in your 12th House—you might be more indirect now, which is not your usual style. Accept that you may be spinning your wheels this month and wait patiently (or at least try to) until Mars arrives in your 1st House in June.

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TAURUS horoscope, Reviewing Your Values:

This month’s Venus Retrograde in your House of Finance will have you reviewing your values and money, asking, “Does my partner share these values?” Be gentle on your partner because they may be very emotional this Full Moon (May 7). This month’s New Moon in Gemini (May 22) has you planting seeds of ideas about your money. Cut new brain paths in your finances—and get advice from your partner and community, so you can get out of a rut. Mars in your 11th House may bring conflict with friends—don’t take the bait. Save any blogging/vlogging for the end of the month when Mercury moves into your 3rd House and makes you eloquent and articulate.

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GEMINI horoscope, Your Ideas Bring People Together:

It’s birthday time for you—a time of new beginnings and this year that means socially. If your birthday falls within a week of the New Moon (May 22), you can expect some wonderful intellectual growth and career progress this year through careful management of relationships. This month you’ll be re-examining your identity in your relationships. Mercury in YOUR sign (which he rules) makes you more articulate this month—thus it’s a great time for writing and getting your point across in general. Mars adds a spark to your Career House—it’s time to get into action. Some of your co-workers may be in meltdown—be gentle with them and your social cred will go up. You are the one whose ideas bring people together.

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CANCER horoscope, Look Behind You Before Moving Ahead:

This month there’s a ton of activity in your 12th House of the Unconscious. You might have to look at things you’re not generally aware of and you may find that retreat and solitude are very appealing, especially with Venus Retrograde beckoning you to think over your relationship alone. It’s a good time to consider whether you’ve sacrificed too much in your relationship and should find a new balance. The Scorpio Full Moon of May 7th lands in your 5th House: watch out for ego blows and let go of attachment to looking good. When Mercury arrives in Cancer toward month-end you’ll find the words to express your position. The Gemini New Moon of the 22nd is a great time to connect with community from your own home.

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LEO horoscope, Cultivate Golden Friendships:

This month put the focus squarely on friends and community and how you can bring people together. Expect explosions of emotion at home around the Full Moon on May 7th—soothe people instead of demanding that they soothe you. Venus is Retrograde in your House of Long-Term Goals—review them with your partner and look at your relationship in its community context. Do you and your partner have mutual friends and do your friends support the relationship? The New Moon of the 22nd brings these community themes together. Mercury  ends the month in your 12th bringing your thoughts to deep contemplation of the meaning of it all. There may be conflict about money and sharing, so know what you want but don’t force that on others.

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VIRGO horoscope, Show Your Intelligence At Work:

This month Mercury brings communication to your career zone. Do job interviews if you can—you’ll be able to present yourself with maximum articulation and intelligence. In your personal relationships make the extra effort to be kind. You are normally incisive but for now keep it gentle. Mars in your 7th House of Relationships brings possible conflicts with your partner, but it can also bring about a team effort with those house projects you may be getting into while under stay at home / shelter in place orders. Venus in your Career House asks, “Does your partnership support your career and your reputation and public standing?” Discussing shared goals with your partner can deepen the bond.

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LIBRA horoscope, Nix The Money Drama:

Venus Retrograde in your House of Growth asks, “Does your relationship stimulate your higher mind? And does your partner share your sense of adventure?” The Full Moon in Scorpio says don’t get too emotional or attached in your conversations about money with your partner this month—or they may verge into the dramatic. Mercury moves into your 9th House, bringing thoughts about the big picture, “what does it all mean?” While you’re pondering that, put some thought into how to promote your business or career, in preparation for next month’s surge of career activity, as these Gemini placements will soon move into your Career House. Utilize the New Moon of May 22 to plant seeds for near-future career growth via your work community.

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SCORPIO horoscope, Intimacy and Passion—Your Favorite Things:

Mars in your 5th House this month says your desire to pursue fun is fine, as long as it’s done in a balanced way. Watch out for arguments with your kids and for impulsive online gambling (if you’re prone to that sort of thing). Fortunately, it’s a great month for the intimacy you love so well. The Full Moon of the 7th is likely to be intense and passionate—you may have to let go of control. Venus Retrograde says you can deepen your closeness even while sequestered together. She’ll have you asking yourself how to have more genuine intimacy with your partner. Mercury’s presence in your 8th House may make your mind more probing than usual (and that’s really saying something!). Save your deep conversations for the New Moon on the 22nd which has a light, unattached feeling.

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SAGITTARIUS horoscope, Discuss Your Real Partnership Needs:

As May begins, Mercury in your 7th House is good for consultations of any kind, so feel free to seek advice from intelligent sources. Later it moves into your 8th House, where conversations can deepen and feel more personal. Venus Retrograde is in your 7th this month, stimulating discussions about the partnership itself and what your real partnership needs actually are. Mars will bring vigor into your home life—house projects yes, but also possibly discord, so stay gentle. The Full Moon of the 7th falls in your 12th House, possibly triggering some passive aggressive feelings. It’s fine NOT to act on them. Instead, balance them with work stability and don’t bring negativity to work. The New Moon in your 7th House says plant seeds of communication that will funnel out into your networks. All it takes is a kind word.

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CAPRICORN horoscope, Spring Cleaning at the Office, Studio, Workshop:

There’s a gathering of Gemini planets in your House of Work. Mercury is there, nudging you to do some spring cleaning. At month-end, Mercury moves into your 7th House of Partnership, stimulating talks with your partner about the nature of your relationship and how best to maintain it. Venus in your Work House asks you, “Is your partnership serving you both in practical ways? And is the effort you put in part of a fair balance?” Mars moves into your 3rd House of Local Environ, poking you to get out of the house and keep moving. Enjoy walks around the neighborhood (keeping a healthy distance, of course)—you’ll see beauty you never noticed before. The Scorpio Full Moon asks you to share more intimately with friends to compensate for having to use cooler media (texting, phone, even videochat can be so unsatisfying!). On the 22nd you’ll be ready to plant seeds to work from home more effectively than you ever  have before.

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AQUARIUS horoscope, Find The Fun, Balance Emotions At Work :

This month’s emphasis on your 5th House of play, games, creativity and children suggests you may find mental stimulation in online games. Venus Retrograde is also in this house, asking you “does this partnership have enough fun in it?” Mars in your House of Finance will motivate you to make money and assert your values. The Scorpio Full Moon will bring a lot of emotion to your career arena—likely in the form of fear around lack of control. Balance this with the grounded logic your family members can provide. Also let go of how your career used to look, so you can flexibly flow with what’s next. The New Moon of the 22nd finds you playing with your kids (or playing LIKE a kid) and awakening your creativity.

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PISCES horoscope, Home Is Where YOUR Heart Is:

This month, Mercury, Venus and the New Moon in Gemini all agree: a happy home life requires good communication. That means both clear speaking and also warm listening. This answers your relationship questions this month, which center around “how do I live with my partner?” Mars in your 1st brings an uncharacteristic assertion, which might help you with boundaries. The Full Moon in Scorpio of the 7th brings a lot of feelings about “what does it all mean?” Relax and let your old beliefs soften. Don’t veer into fearful superstitions. On the 22nd, the New Moon sees you enjoying home and making it better all the time—possibly home-schooling your kids with good results.

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