Transits Made Easy

Using astrology to understand your life-events and their meaning (intermediate course)

An Intermediate Astrology Class

Transits Made Easy: An Intermediate Astrology Class

This series of 6 classes is where “as above, so below” really hits home. In this class you learn to calibrate your own evolution. We will look at your life events in the context of the  planetary eras, planetary transits and life cycle periods you were in at the time. You will learn how to make a diagram of a transit and to consult a return chart. You will learn where you are in the human astrological life cycle and what that means for you right now. You will gain a deeper understanding of important events of your past and clarity about what’s coming in your future. You will experience yourself both in the vast reaches of time and also in the nonlinear experience of timelessness.

This class is perfect for you if you have already taken a beginner’s astrology class and you’re familiar with the 10 planetary archetypes, the 12 signs and the 12 houses. This class will take what you know about your personality and temperament and will show its development and evolution through life experiences happening in predictable time periods. This liberates and empowers you to respond to each transit in the way that best forwards your evolution.

Each class includes materials for you to study before class. Some will be recordings and some will be PDFs. These are for you to keep and refer to after the class is over. You study these materials before class, reviewing them as much as you like. Class time is for answering your questions and for applying the techniques to your chart and your classmates’ charts, so you can see these techniques in action. Each class has time for questions and answers. Be ready to take notes and to ask questions about your own chart.

What you get:

  • Lecture recordings jam-packed with information on the techniques we’ll be working with
  • PDF handouts to accompany the recordings
  • Class time where Jamie demonstrates the material and you see it in action
  • Attention from Jamie and the group on the information applied to your own transits
  • The opportunity to share insights about your transits and to learn from other people sharing too
  • Zero judgment about your life choices
  • The opportunity to meet and get to know other students who are a similar place with astrology that you are

The class series begins on Monday, May 16, 2022:
This series is scheduled to happen every other Monday at 5 PM Pacific Time / 6 PM Mountain Time / 7 PM Central Time / 8 PM Eastern Time. Meetings happen almost every week (see schedule below). If for any reason I need to change the schedule, all active students will be notified and the change will be posted here.

Practical, hands-on learning:
All classes are filled with the kind of interpretive insights you can only get from a teacher who has been practicing for a long time and enjoys people. Each class is a practicum in astrology: because you are given the study materials before you attend, ALL of the class time is spent on your questions and topical examples.

This is an online class, in webinar format (video, audio and screenshare). You will need a laptop computer of any kind, with a reasonably updated operating system and a fast internet connection (if you can stream video on your computer on youtube or netflix, your system is fast enough). You will also need two apps: Dropbox and Zoom, both of which are free for you. You’ll receive instructions for getting them in your registration email. And thirdly, a video camera in your computer is not a requirement, but it adds to the feeling of connection among class members if we can see your face.

Payment Options

Cost: $299 for the 6-week series.
Full-pay option: $299, payable by credit card or paypal when you register.
Payment plan option: $320, payable in 2 easy monthly payments of $160 each, by credit card.


1. Planetary Eras

Learn to see transits as a set of “nesting dolls” that define large and small periods of your life. In this class session we delve deeply into “planetary eras” or transits of planets through houses in your chart. We also talk about how transits of planets through signs affect all of us and give rise to generational temperaments. Then I’ll demonstrate planetary eras in the charts of class members.
Webinar class meets on Monday, May 16, 2022
5 PM Pacific Time / 6 PM Mountain Time / 7 PM Central Time / 8 PM Eastern Time

2. The Astrological Life Cycle

Understand the human astrological life cycle as a body built on the skeleton of the Saturn cycle. In this class we’ll look at return charts for Jupiter, Saturn and Chiron, and demi- and quarti-returns for Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. You’ll see where you are in the life cycle and get a sense for what’s coming next.
Webinar class meets on Monday, June 6, 2022
5 PM Pacific Time / 6 PM Mountain Time / 7 PM Central Time / 8 PM Eastern Time

3. Transits To Planets

Here we’ll dig into multi-pass transits and examine their “plot structure.” How does it feel when a transiting planet stations on your natal planet? We’ll discuss the way our linear minds tend to ascribe cause and effect to experiences which are adjacent in time, and the fact that time doesn’t actually exist the way we think it does. We’ll also look at what it means when two planets are transiting the same thing in your chart in overlapping time periods.
Webinar class meets on Monday, June 20, 2022
5 PM Pacific Time / 6 PM Mountain Time / 7 PM Central Time / 8 PM Eastern Time

4. Retrogrades, Eclipses and Trigger Planets

Have you learned to dread Mercury retrograde? Ever been through a Venus retrograde period and felt like your relationship went through the wringer? How about a dramatic Solar or Lunar Eclipse? These often-feared transits can be very productive—when you use them properly. In this class you’ll also learn how the fast-moving planets (Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars) act as powerful triggers for longer-term transits.
Webinar class meets on Monday, July 11, 2022
5 PM Pacific Time / 6 PM Mountain Time / 7 PM Central Time / 8 PM Eastern Time

5. Progressions: Your Developmental Unfolding

You might call progressions ‘developmental astrology’—progressions are similar to developmental psychology, but they don’t stop with childhood’s end. Understand how each sign flows into the next. Great stuff here for you if you have Mercury, Venus or Mars retrograde in your natal chart.
Webinar class meets on Monday, July 25, 2022
5 PM Pacific Time / 6 PM Mountain Time / 7 PM Central Time / 8 PM Eastern Time

6. Researching Big Events

You’ll show up for this session with the date of a specific big event in your past and together we will research what was going on in the skies when it happened. By understanding the context of that time period we’ll lend meaning to the event and allow you to process it more fully, see its important role in your evolution and get closure with it.
Webinar class meets on Monday, August 8, 2022
5 PM Pacific Time / 6 PM Mountain Time / 7 PM Central Time / 8 PM Eastern Time

This class is an expansion of other classes I’ve taught about transits, with new material never taught before. If you’ve taken my Prediction and Asteroids class you will find this class easy and also there will be new information in it for you. If you want to join, please register right away to secure your spot (first come, first served). This class is small on purpose, so I can give you lots of personal attention and answer all of your questions. I’m a professional astrologer in private practice since 1992 and you’ll be able to tap my stores of knowledge and experience and watch these techniques work in several charts for clarifying contrast. If you’ve always wanted to understand why things happen when they do, this class will give you the big picture and enable you to use these techniques for the rest of your life.

I look forward to meeting you.

“I began my studies of astrology with Jamie in 1999. I found her approach to be deeply insightful and beneficial. I felt empowered to embody my best qualities more fully and meet my life challenges courageously. Jamie’s comprehensive knowledge, ready wit and willingness to highlight the finest qualities in each chart and identify the appropriate cures for the challenges make her an exceptionally gifted and supportive teacher. Since those first few classes I have had many readings with Jamie about my relationships, where she has coached and guided me to make good partner choices and navigate my relationships in the most loving way I can. The understanding of my patterns in relationship has been invaluable. In my most recent relationship, understanding these patterns helped me to get clear on how and when to form a partnership, how to maintain it effectively, and the best time to dissolve it. If you desire to practice astrology with an eye toward supporting your clients in deeper self understanding and personal growth, look no further than Pandora Astrology.”

–Andrew D.