Ceres In Your Astrological Chart–
Your Key To Bodily Intuition, Good
Eating and Financial Independence
– Teleclass

Do you love your body?
Are you happy with the money you make and how you spend it?
Do you eat in the healthy ways that are right for your body?
If not, you can discover what you really need
(and the deeply held values underneath it)
through an understanding of the asteroid Ceres in your astrology chart.

Get in touch with what you really need
in order to feel secure and happy in your physical body
and gain more financial clarity in your life
in the Ceres Teleclass Series

Honoring our physical body is something we’re not necessarily taught to do. Yet, when we listen to the small, sometimes subtle messages our body sends us, we discover that there is much wisdom that our body has to provide.

How do you know when your instincts are telling you someone can’t be trusted? Does the hair on the back of your neck stand up? Does your stomach feel queasy? Does your throat close up? This is your bodily intuition, and it’s communicating something very important. When you’re in touch with your body and have access to its wisdom, you just . . . know things. This bodily intuition is Ceres.

When you unlock your Ceres, the self-discovery goes very deep. What does your body know that your mind has forgotten? How is that related to the way you eat? To the way you earn, save and spend? How do you feel about being touched, held and hugged? What was your family like when it came to physical affection and financial security? How do you access your bodily intuition? Most of all, what does it take to help you feel comfortable in your own skin, nourished and secure?

All of these questions—and more—can be answered by looking at Ceres in your astrology chart. And if these things are not going well, it’s not your fault. It’s also not about blaming your parents. Working through these things may be part of the life-plan you made before you were born. You can discover what that plan was and then do something about it. Ceres shows you how.

What is a “havingness bucket”?
Your havingness bucket is your Greater Self’s concept of how much money you will allow yourself to receive, have and contain. This concept lives in your unconscious and sabotages your conscious mind’s efforts to grow your wealth beyond your expectations. Again and again it will reset your finances back to your comfort zone, even if that’s not where you want to be.

You’ve seen this in action, right? Some people blow money right away when they get it. Others are hoarders. Some are frugal, some are spendy. Some people leak money to friends and perpetually hard-up family members. Some are cautious and miserly. Some are prone to wild financial swings and instability, no matter how hard they try to be consistent. It’s been said that if all the money in the world was distributed to each person equally, eventually large amounts of it would end up back where they were–in the pockets of those who are attractors for it, while those who just can’t seem to keep it would end up exactly where they were before. Which are you? Ceres in your chart will tell you and will explain how your financial style can be used to best advantage. Once you know how your havingness bucket was set at birth, it becomes possible to expand on it.

For many of us, money is a psychological issue that resists our efforts to change our habits. This is because money is one layer of our psychology and our handling of money is rooted in our core values which are in turn rooted in what had us feel valued as a child—and whether our values were supported or denied. We all needed the basics: good food, clean clothing, solid shelter and affectionate touch—but how many of us got them? And how many of us instead had to worry about the loss of them? Childhood trauma around these basic needs results in difficulty caring for yourself as an adult—eating badly, managing money poorly, body image issues and just plain being uncomfortable in your own skin. Ceres in your chart can explain your unique take on these needs and best ways to fulfill them so you can enjoy a wonderful life in your body and feel that you really belong in the physical world.

(Are you dying for this information but have no idea what sign your Ceres is in?
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Not one mother, but two
Here’s another piece of the puzzle. Most people think of the Moon as the main way we understand mother, family, nurturance and self-care in an astrology chart. That’s true, but there is not just one mother archetype, there are two—Ceres the Earth Mother is distinct from Moon, the Emotional-Bonding Mother. So the Moon is the side of us that forms emotional bonds and Ceres is the side of us that learns how to take care of our own bodies and attain financial independence. And things get really interesting in charts where Ceres and the Moon suggest needs that are very different from each other or even in conflict with each other! This leads to things like emotional spending, comfort eating, hatred of your own body and depression. Did your parents fight about money? You can figure out money for yourself, despite their poor example. And for women, the body image piece is huge. How many of us eat right? Not too many. Knowing your Ceres needs is invaluablecrucial as the foundation of a great life. Without this foundation, life falls apart.

How is this connected with your family?
When you learn about your parents’ Ceres signs, you discover their issues about food, money and the physical world. Then you can separate your own issues about these things and begin to take care of yourself in the ways you really needed all along. If your parents were sensible and loving, they tried to teach you about these things–but in the ways that worked for themselves, not necessarily for you. How could they have known to do differently? When you understand your own “havingness bucket” you can build wealth in the ways that are right for you—even if your parents were terrible financial role models or if they taught you things about money that just don’t work for your life.

Understanding your Ceres sign means:

  • You feel connected, rooted in this world—a real sense of belonging
  • You are able to release emotional and karmic blocks to having abundance in your life
  • You feel at home in your own skin and gracefully accept your body’s changing needs over the years
  • You have affectionate relationships with beloved animals in your life—and your own animal body too
  • You feed and care for yourself, as if you are your own precious child
  • You’re in touch with your core values—and you live by them

It’s never too late to re-mother yourself. Learn what your genuine physical needs are and begin satisfying them now—and your own personal Earth Mother will pour out her abundant gifts to you.

In this year’s teleclass series I looked deeply at Ceres in every sign. With this teleclass series, you get five enormous benefits:

  • Revelations into your own physical needs that you’ve never understood before
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Teleclass schedule for the year:
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Ceres in Gemini: June 7, 2018 (view the enticing Ceres in Gemini infographic)
Ceres in Cancer: July 5, 2018 (view the exciting Ceres in Cancer infographic)
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Ceres in Virgo: September 6, 2018 (view the prefect Ceres in Virgo infographic)
Ceres in Libra: October 4, 2018 (view the awesome Ceres in Libra infographic)
Ceres in Scorpio: November 8, 2018 (view the alluring Ceres in Scorpio infographic)
Ceres in Sagittarius: December 6, 2018 (view the beautiful Ceres in Sagittarius infographic)
Ceres in Capricorn: January 3, 2019 (view the pretty Ceres in Capricorn infographic)
Ceres in Aquarius: February 7, 2019 (view the charming Ceres in Aquarius infographic)
Ceres in Pisces: March 7, 2019 (view the lovely Ceres in Pisces infographic)
Ceres in Aries: April 4, 2019 (view the fun Ceres in Aries infographic)

Which teleclass should you find out more about?

You might not know what sign your Ceres is in. Most people know their Sun sign but Ceres is not as well known, despite how important it is. To help you find your Ceres sign, I wrote this article:
How To Use Astro.com To Cast Your Own Free Astrology Chart
When you cast your chart, you’ll find your Ceres sign and much, much more. Then you can select the teleclass recording for your Ceres sign. And psst! I strongly suggest you purchase the teleclasses for the Ceres signs of every person in your life you’d like to understand better.