Forecast for August 2012

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Long-Term Shifts in 2012 During 2012, a truly momentous planetary meeting is happening in the sky:  Pluto and Uranus are squaring each other, in their first connection since they formed the conjunction in the mid-1960’s that effectively WAS the sexual revolution—and all the other changes…

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Updated Forecast

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I just discovered that for some reason I had posted October’s forecast dates through only the 14th, as if that was all there was to October.  I have now added the “Fortune Cookies” for the second half of the month.  It seems both ironic and…

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I’m Baaaaack

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Hi everybody, and thanks for coming here. I have not posted recently due to surgery (I’m fine and there’s nothing to worry about). I’ve recovered nicely and now I’m back. I’ll have the June forecast page up in the next few days.  In the meanwhile,…

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