December 19, 2016 to January 8, 2017
from 15º Capricorn to 28º Sagittarius

The Mercury Cycle Dec 2016Mercury retrograde in Capricorn focuses on career, reputation and achievement. In Sagittarius Mercury focuses on hopes, education, inspiration and travel. So what does it mean when Mercury begins a retrograde period in Capricorn, then backs up into Sagittarius?

Fame, money, glory, success. . . all these are empty if they don’t have any meaning behind them. Do you want to go to a job that makes you feel dead when you’re there and still dead when you get home? This Mercury retrograde period is about returning to the ethics, morals and worldview behind your career. Why are you doing it? Have you ever created a mission statement for your career? What do you want your contribution to be? The answers to these big questions can come clear during this Mercury retrograde period.

As Sagittarius also rules education, this Mercury retrograde could signal a need to return to school to pick up some new skills and information that might allow you to progress further and faster in your career. Sagittarius also rules travel and this period might show you that you need to broaden your horizons if you hope to achieve big things in your career. If insights like these do occur, it’s unlikely that you’ll act on them during this Mercury retrograde period, but seeds will be planted for future action after this time is over.

And finally, Sagittarius is the sign of hope and faith. If while Mercury is in Capricorn you feel that you are slogging away with no end in sight, Mercury’s return to Sagittarius might show you the light at the end of the tunnel and restore in you the inspiration and enthusiasm you need to cross the finish line.

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