August 12 to September 5, 2017
from 11º Virgo to 28º Leo

2017-1-5 The Mercury Cycle Aug-Sept 2017

What does it mean?

Mercury loves to be in Virgo, sign of the Artisan, the Shaper, the Maker. Mercury rules the hands and the mind and in Virgo, Mercury can concentrate on cultivating a discerning eye, and paying attention to the details. Mercury in Virgo can keenly spot a defect while a work is in progress, so that the craftsman can continually improve himself and his craft as well as his creative output.

So what does it mean when Mercury grinds to a halt in Virgo and turns back to re-enter Leo?

Leo is the urge to create, which is an inherently self-absorbing process. Creation comes from inside oneself and radiates outward. Leo radiates and expresses the creative product, so that Virgo can shape and perfect it. During this Mercury retrograde period, the little rascal is asking you to return to the original creative impulse behind what you’re attempting to fix, tweak, hone or critique. Remind yourself of the creative product that you are trying to liberate from the uncarved block. Then, and only then, can you shape it into its most perfect form.

To return to Fiery Leo from Earthy Virgo suggests that this Mercury Rx period is a time for you to be more creative: wing it, be spontaneous, let go of perfectionism and play unselfconsciously like a child–all of which are natural to Leo. Leo cannot afford to be too self-examining, or else how can creativity blossom? Besides, being overly self-examining is Virgo’s thing.

Look around in your life for an creative project that’s very unfinished. Go back to the drafting table and start over. Make a messy, very rough, first draft (that’s the Leo part). THEN you can shape it, when Mercury gets back into Virgo.

And another thing: If you’ve been working too hard and you’re overly hyperfocused, get out of the office/workroom/workshop and PLAY!! A little recreation might refresh you and inspire you for the next work project. Try not to get so hung up on perfecting your technique, but focus on returning to the primal creative impulse and have confidence in what you make, even if it’s not ‘perfect’ and a little messy.

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