What People Are Saying About Colorado Astrologer Natha Perkins Campanella

(Some of the following reviews were posted on Yelp, but because of Yelp’s policies, are not visible on Pandora Astrology’s Yelp page.  They are, however, visible on the reviewer’s pages, so I’ve linked to those here.)

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I recently had a reading with Natha and Jamie and it was the most comprehensive astrological reading I’ve had in my life!! This is saying something, because I’ve been to more than a handful of astrologers! 🙂 Jamie spotted things in my chart that no other astrologer has seen and I can’t wait to go back for future readings!

I felt extremely seen, validated and comfortable talking with Jamie and Natha. By the end of our 90 minutes together it felt like we were old friends.

In addition to offering amazingly resonant and helpful insights, the pre-reading bonus materials were extremely useful. They’ve really enhanced my understanding of astrology and helped me make deeper connections to my reading. I also really loved the personal connections Jamie offers in her teleclasses (part of the pre-reading packet) – the humility and vulnerability with which she brings the fullness of her humanity to her practice is inspiring.

I feel so lucky to know about Jamie’s beautiful practice and look forward to returning to her for many years to come!

Emery D. (from her Yelp page)

I had a reading with Natha and Jamie last week, and I’m still amazed at how much information they were able to communicate about who I am, my experiences and tendencies, and my essence in this life based on my birthday details only. They were able to tell me things that no one else would know about me (not even the people closest to me), and to echo themes and details from guidance I’ve received over the years from other vetted counselors (not the same, but I’ve had past life and several tarot readings from other gifted folks). Natha and Jamie affirmed the work I’ve been doing to grow, and gave me insight into what I’m likely to encounter in the coming year (transits, when to expect them, and how to live through them with grace). They each were articulate and attentive in facilitating my understanding of the challenges and changes happening.

Jamie made sure that I had all of the materials from my reading within the same day, including the recording of the full session. I so appreciate having charts and the recording–there’s so much information shared throughout the reading. I’m sure I’ll continue to gain insight from them over the year to help me along my way. I will definitely be coming back for different readings in the future and highly recommend Pandora Astrology.

Norah C. (from her Yelp page)