What is a credit worth?

Each credit is worth 15 minutes free off the next full-length reading you have with any astrologer in the Pandora Astrology practice. As different astrologers are at different fee levels, a credit is worth different dollar amounts when used with different astrologers.

Q: Can you have your initial session with a less expensive Pandora astrologer and use a credit you got from that session to see a more expensive astrologer for a higher dollar credit value? A: Yes, absolutely.

Q: What if you’re a “grandfathered” client? A: If you have seen Jamie in years previous to 2014, chances are that you are grandfathered in at an old, lower rate, so your credit will be worth the equivalent of 15 minutes off your grandfathered price.

How do you get credits?

  • You get a credit when a friend you send to a Pandora Astrologer completes their session.
  • You get a credit when you use the evaluation webform to give feedback about a session you had with a Pandora Astrology practitioner.
  • You get a credit when you buy a reading or a gift certificate for someone who has never been to Pandora Astrology before.

More about credits:

  • You can use a credit yourself or gift it to someone else.
  • A credit will never expire until you use it.
  • Credits are additive–you can acquire as many as you like and earn up to 6 for a free full-sized reading!
  • You cannot acquire and use a credit in the same transaction, i.e., you cannot refer Betty and then gift her the credit you got for referring her to use for the same reading you referred her to.
  • You don’t have to remember that you have credits, why you have credits or how many credits you have. We track all that for you and remind you 3 times a year.