Forecast for February 2018

Long-Term Shifts in 2018

2018 bodes well to be a smoother, less stressful year than 2017. There are only two planetary aspects in play this year and both involve Jupiter connecting harmoniously with another planet. One is Jupiter trine Neptune, which brings a mood of tolerance, compassion and spiritual harmony. The other is Jupiter sextile Pluto, which brings a faith and trust, but not in an all-or-nothing way, more in a measured, thought-out way.

This year success will come to those who operate within a higher morality and a strong code of ethics. Those with rigid beliefs and narrow worldviews will be invited to expand their view to include those people whom they have formerly viewed as outcasts only worth of shunning. This is about the spirit of the law, rather than the letter, and those who have genuine tolerance, compassion and acceptance for their fellow humans, and who feel a real sense of social responsibility, will benefit this year. Maybe good guys really do finish first.

This year there may be a spirit of generosity that transcends commerce. Those who give with an open, accepting heart will find themselves receiving—and the more so when they least expect it. Manifestation is also benefited this year—”ask and you shall receive” is the watchword. At the end of this year’s every prayer should be the phrase, “and it’s good for everyone” because when you include the wellbeing of all living things in your requests via prayer, and you hold ill-will toward no-one, then all living things conspire to bring you your heart’s desire. Nothing can stop you then.    

This year is a good one for spiritual contemplation, retreat and discovery of your true path. Get into conversation with your Greater Self; align your puny everyday will with your eternal being’s Great Will and when you pray to your Greater Self for guidance and wisdom, answers will come to you. If at the end of the year, all human beings feel beloved by the god of their heart, and if that has led to generous deeds, these transits will have done their good work. This year, resolve to love your fellow humans—you may be able to make good on that resolution. You may be surprised at how fulfilling it is. And it pays in spiritual dividends.

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Planetary Stations and Retrogrades

It’s a fairly uneventful month. No fancy Mercury or Venus retrogrades, no Mars retrograde either. All the outer planets are direct and there’s not a lot of drama in our skies. Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter have all finished their 2017 degree spans and are moving on into the degrees they will be traveling through this year. Neptune, Uranus and Chiron are still finishing their 2017 spans and will be moving into their 2018 spans in the next few months. Things are moving forward briskly, but we should prepare for complications to emerge in the spring, in March and April, when these six outer planets begin to turn retrograde. The only thing worth watching for is the February 15th New Moon in Aquarius and Solar Eclipse. More about that below in the lunations section.

Mercury Watch

Mercury is moving forward at speed this month—hooray! Expect things to go swiftly and smoothly at the office and in your personal communications too. February 17th is Greater Epiphany Day, the day when Mercury catches up with the Sun and conjuncts it. Clarity and insight abound—if you’ve got a project that’s been going on for more than a month, aim to catch a wave of peak mental energy that day. For more about optimizing this, look at This Year’s Mercury Retrogrades.


February begins with the Airy Fixed sign of Aquarius, a social, chatty sign.  Aquarius is the season associated with the retreat of the dark and the increase of the light: many ancient holidays involving candle-lighting happen in this month.  Aquarius is consummately social, a networker, and loves to spread himself thin among all his many friendships. In Aquarius, we are drawn to participate in groups with whom we feel like-minded or a sense of kinship. Individuals with a strong Aquarian side often value friendship above all else. This year Aquarius runs from January 19th through February 18th.

On February 18th, Pisces begins.  Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac.  It is a sign of endings, representing the ocean of all being into which we dissolve and from which we are reborn.  It’s hard to talk about Pisces without getting mystical or misty-eyed.  Pisceans are the dreamers, the visionaries and artists of the zodiac.  Uncomfortable in the material world, your friendly neighborhood child of Neptune would rather swim in the waters of his or her own imagination.  And who can blame them?  It is a much nicer place to be.  


Each lunation (new or full moon) has a feeling-state that human beings will be prone to under it, a general mood.

New Moon/Solar Eclipse on February 15, 2018 at 27° Aquarius

With a New Moon and Solar Eclipse happening in the sign of Aquarius, we can expect to be swept off our feet so to speak, with brilliant new ideas that  may just propel us into a completely new and innovative state of mind.

This eclipse will super-size the already potent energy of the New Moon (because eclipses do that), but even more, this eclipse is in a harmonious aspect to Uranus, the planet of futuristic, forward thinking. Uranus demands change and with both the Sun and Moon in Aquarius, (the sign Uranus rules) and Uranus in Aries (the masculine warrior of the zodiac), it’s safe to presume that we may feel an intense urge to fight for originality and independence from old rules (aka change things up!).

Add to that, Jupiter in Scorpio is in a square to the Sun and Moon which will bring a pressure to expand and enlarge our relationship with things we’d rather not look at. If we want to revolutionize our lives though, we will need to see with clarity the reasons the old rules have stopped working which will provide the impetus we need, to support all these changes Uranus is pushing us to make.

February’s Full Moon is sometimes called The Hunger Moon.

“Fortune Cookies” for February, 2018

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2/3/2018, Mercury sextile Mars: Engage your mental faculties today as rationality and reason get an exciting boost of energy.

2/3/2018, Venus square Jupiter: With Venus in a challenging aspect, you may feel spendy today, but don’t shop too much (or buy what you can return later).

2/6/2018, Venus sextile Uranus: With the planet of love in aspect to the planet of surprise, you may be overtaken by a sudden crush out of nowhere!

2/10/2018, Relationships, love and attraction can become confusing when Venus enters Pisces. Beware of delusion and weak boundaries but allow yourself to sink into universal love by honoring your psychic sensitivities.

2/10/2018, Sun square Jupiter: People could be a little extra preachy today, with the hard aspect to self-righteous Jupiter. Just remember to get off your own soapbox.

2/13/2018, Mercury square Jupiter: Everyone loves a comic, but it’s easy to go too far with humor today. Make jokes, but not at others’ expense.

2/13/2018, Sun sextile Uranus: Not happy with how things are in the world? Get political! If there isn’t a protest, invite friends over to organize something.

2/15/2018, Mercury sextile Uranus: When the planet of mentation dances with brilliant Uranus, try to learn some new technical skill or program today.

2/15/2018, Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Aquarius: Liberate yourself from diehard ideas you may have about your personality. Today is a great day to question everything you think you know about yourself.

2/15/2018, Venus sextile Saturn: Who are your mentors? This is a good time to be in their company, since the wisdom of elders can do much to enrich life.

2/17/2018, Mars square Neptune: If you find yourself pushed to be a martyr or a savoir today, take a step back and reevaluate your actions. Tomorrow you’ll be glad you did.

2/17/2018, Sun conjunct Mercury: When the planet of communication is under the Sun beams, the motivations behind what they say can be hidden.

2/17/2018, Mercury enters Pisces: Your active recall may feel a little slower than usual. Today is a good day to sift through old memories and relive the glory days.

2/18/2018, Sun enters Pisces: the playful, attention-loving Sun taps into some extra sensitivity and a bit more subtlety than usual.

2/21/2018, Venus conjunct Neptune: When Venus meets her higher octave, all of the beauty and colors of the world seem more vibrant! Go look at art—or make some.

2/21/2018, Mercury sextile Saturn: Thought meets stability; it’s a good day for learning anything that is lasting, methodical and structured.

2/25/2018, Venus square Mars: Here’s a query—what’s the difference between a contentious argument and romantic passion? Answer—today, no difference!

2/25/2018, Mercury conjunct Neptune: When Mercury joins mystical Neptune, thoughts and communications can be inspired…or just plain confused.

2/25/2018, Sun sextile Saturn: Everyone has their big girl/boy pants on firmly today. Join the crowd for maximum group efficiency: roll up your sleeves and get your to-do list.

2/27/2018, Venus sextile Pluto: Love hurts, but it can also regenerate. Try to let go of whatever baggage you hold onto regarding relationships.

2/28/2018, Mercury square Mars: There may be courtroom-esque dramas happening all around you today with lots of debate, arguments, and interrogations!

2/28/2018, Mercury sextile Pluto: This is a good time to dive in and really research anything that you would like to learn about. Knowledge can go deeper.

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