Redeeming Your Gift Certificate For An Astrology Reading with Julia

  • Month of birthDay of birthYear of birth (ex. 2015)Time of birth - needs to be actual hour and minute(s)City & State/Country of birth 
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    All birth data needs to be submitted before 48 hours of the session in order to do an accurate reading. I reserve the right to cancel any session that does not have all the information asked for to do the reading.
  • Asking the right questions is one of the most important factors that helps your astrology reading serve your needs. I’ll need to know your questions and areas of concern well in advance so I can prepare to address them.
    Please be on time for your reading, not early or late, as I do not have an indoor waiting area. If you need to postpone, please do so with more than 48 hours' advance notice. Thank you!