Superwoman, are you trying to “have it all?”

Career, Relationship, Family –why is it so incredibly hard for us modern women to put all the pieces of our lives together into a coherent whole?

What order have YOU tried to do it in?

  • Have you focused on career—but fear you’ll never find the right partner and build a solid marriage?
  • Or have you found the love of your life but feel deeply stuck in your career progress?
  • Have you belatedly realized you are aging and must put aside your fear of childlessness for every first date?
  • Did you have kids young, but now you’re struggling to get into the workforce after being a stay-at-home mom?
  • Do you ever wonder how the heck modern women got here and what there is to do about it?

From where you stand, it may look impossible to have every aspect of your life –self, love, career, home life– thriving all at once, and yet the golden carrot dangles in front of you. You can’t help but long for that mythical state.

Is it a fantasy?  Should you just give up?  I don’t think so, but you’ll need to choose your battles and apply your energy where it’s the most effective.  In my free special report, “Superwoman: A Love Letter To Women Now In Their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s” I’ll tell you how modern women got here and how astrology can help us get out. Along the way, I’ll show you 4 myths and 4 truths about “having it all.”  And you’ll find out why I call it “a love letter to superwomen everywhere. . .” (yes, that means you, even if you’re not feeling very super today).

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“Jamie is very intuitive and comprehensive in her approach to astrology. She puts a lot of prep time into studying the charts prior to the session, is a good listener, super articulate, wise and very professional. I would recommend her to all, especially if you are going through changes, challenging life circumstances, and are seeking more clarity. Her work can be a real help. I was also impressed with how down-to-earth as well as spiritually oriented she is!  Earth based, centered and practical, as well as looking to the stars!”                – Suzanne L.

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