Chart Study Group Intermediate Astrology Class

Prerequisites: Chart Analysis Techniques and Prediction and Asteroids

This series teaches a combination of analytical/detailed and big-picture techniques, then brings them all together into practical application in a round robin chart study group. Take this class only after you have taken the classes in the Natal and Time-Based Toolkits, because it draws heavily on your understanding of those techniques. This class is held in an emotionally warm, small-group atmosphere.

You can attend in person in Berkeley, California or by teleclass and get all the same information, materials and attention.

Your Chart as an Owner’s Manual For Your Life

This class gives you a basic perspective that is at once practical, spiritual and personal growth oriented. The Owner’s Manual analogy sets you up to have rapport and compassion with your clients, while also inspiring them to embody their greatest potential.

Theme Hunting

This class is packed with techniques for finding and articulating core themes in a chart. How to spot multiple instances of an archetype. Places where the archetypes blend and merge. This is about weighting. It’s also about when to get ‘cuspy’ and when to not.

What Jumps Out?

This class is a basket of techniques you don’t want to ignore, because clients identify strongly with them. You’ll learn which character traits are going to be the most compelling to the individual, stuff they definitely need and want to know.

How To Do A Reading

How on earth do astrologers prepare to read for someone they are just meeting for the first time in session? Hint: ‘the client IS the chart IS the session.’ In this practical class you’ll learn to sort through all the information and craft a coherent 90-minute reading.

Round Robin Chart Study Group

In this series of classes, students will form an astrological ‘group-mind’ to interpret the chart of a single participant each meeting. You’ll walk through all the necessary techniques to perform a comprehensive and instantly useful astrological session.