Beginner Class

Cosmic Companions

There is so much more to you than just your Sun sign. Your astrology chart describes the drama of your life—bursting with colorful characters wearing odd costumes and occupying lush scenery. Psychologists call these characters “archetypes” and they are a universal part of human experience. In this beginner’s astrology class, you’ll learn the elements of personality and character and how they fit together into complex human beings. If you know bits and pieces about astrology, this will fill in the gaps for you. Covers the 10 planets, 12 signs and 12 houses, as well as giving you a fundamental understanding of the beautifully coherent system astrology is.

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Intermediate Class

Chart Analysis Techniques

If astrology fascinates you and you’ve learned some things about the planets, signs and houses, then you’re in the perfect place. In this class, you’ll learn how to analyze a chart into very specific interpretations and put it back together for a holistic understanding of a human being. This class gives you down-to-earth ways to interpret pieces of the chart so that you get it, your readee gets it, your readee is helped and your readee comes back for more. Covers aspects, the Power Source, Hot Zones, signature sign, rulerships, synastry and angularity. Chart analysis and synthesis is the key to understanding human beings and relating to them.

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Intermediate Class

Prediction & Asteroids

Human beings have always wanted to know the future, but we fear living trapped in a fate. We are conscious beings with freewill, yet life has a pattern that is predictable. This class solves this dilemma by showing you how to use astrological rhythms to ride the waves instead of drowning in them. This intermediate astrology class covers prediction techniques like transits, progressions, solar returns, eclipses and life cycles. You’ll find out what Mercury retrograde is all about. This class also fills in your understanding of astrology’s classical archetypes with the asteroid goddesses and Chiron, the Wounded Healer, including Ceres the Earth Mother, Pallas Athene the Warrior Woman, Juno the Matriarch and Vesta the Temple Priestess.

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Beginner & Intermediate Classes

Package of 2 Classes: Cosmic Companions and Chart Analysis

You can take two astrology classes at a discount – Cosmic Companions and Chart Analysis Techniques, at a single discounted price of $796, saving you about $150.

Full-pay option: $749.
Payment plan option: $796, payable in 4 easy monthly payments of $199 each, by credit card.

Intermediate Class

Chart Study Group

Prerequisites: Chart Analysis Techniques and Prediction and Astroids This series teaches a combination of analytical/detailed and big-picture techniques, then brings them all together into practical application in a round robin chart study group. Take this class only after you…

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Advanced Class

Running A Lucrative Astrology Practice

Running a Lucrative Astrology Practice – Advanced Astrology Class and Astrology Clinic Are you ready to take your study of astrology to the professional level? This advanced astrology class funnels directly into a clinic where apprentice clinicians can do readings under the supervision…

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