Retainer packages available:

$2200 gives you a 90-minute session each month, for 12 sessions in your year, totaling 18 hours of session time.
$1600 gives you a 60-minute session each month, for 12 sessions in your year, totaling 12 hours of session time.
$1200 gives you a 90-minute session every other month, for 6 sessions in your year, totaling 9 hours of session time.
$1200 can also give you a 60-minute session each month-and-a-half, for 9 sessions in your year, totaling 9 hours of session time.

My preference is that we schedule your sessions on a regular date and time (for example, third Tuesdays of the month), but if you want more flexibility than that, it’s absolutely doable. My assistant Marsha will help you set up a schedule that’s right for you and she’ll keep track of how much time you’ve used. I’ll let you know quarterly where you are and invite you to share with me how this process is going for you.

Additional gifts and benefits
that come with being a retainer client:

  • Monthly “basket of goodies” containing every audio recording I have ever made for the sign of the month.
  • Semi-permanent shared dropbox where I put your files and we can exchange and share materials necessary for your retainer year.
  • All the bonuses I usually give to clients who are having readings around specific topics (career, relationship, family, etc.).
  • Automatic registration for the current year’s free teleclass series and automatic receipt of the most recent teleclass, as soon as it’s released monthly.
  • Your personal chart “vault” where we keep fresh, unmarked copies of all the charts we return to again and again through the course of your year (your natal, Solar Return, family members’ charts, etc.).
  • You don’t have to use your time—it’s ok to gift it to someone in your life.
  • More access to me: I put you in my phone and answer asap when you call or text me.

If you’re reading this page because we have a conversation coming up about how your retainer year might go, please take a little time to think about the arrangement that works best for you and be ready to tell me that when we talk. I’ll be ready to answer your questions about which retainer year theme might best advance you in the direction you want to go this year and I’ll be happy to explain the bonuses and how the shared dropbox works.

This is a BIG commitment to yourself and to making your life better. You’re about to really unlock your potential using the power tool of astrology. I’m delighted to enter into this commitment with you. Please gather your thoughts about best ways I can help your life progress.