(This page is about taking an apprenticeship at Pandora Astrology. No slots are presently available, as of spring 2017. If this page excites you, please check back in 6 to 9 months. Thank you!)

Do you dream of being a real, practicing, professional astrologer?

If you LOVE astrology and have a deep-down wish to become an astrologer, but you don’t know how to begin, you may have just found the answer.

You are a good candidate if:

  • You have been studying astrology for a year or two and the idea of being a practicing, professional astrologer excites you more than you can say
  • You have not yet gotten to the point of choosing a business name or creating a website for yourself as an astrologer
  • You would like to skip the part about marketing yourself and just be handed clients
  • You have a steady source of income at present which would allow you to focus on study/training and not worry about your finances
  • You have a bachelor’s degree at minimum
  • You understand that my time is valuable and that education leading to a job is worth paying for
  • You are reasonably good at learning and figuring out new software

Notice I did NOT say you have to be in the San Francisco Bay Area. You can do this apprenticeship from anywhere as long as your internet connection is good.

How the apprenticeship works
This apprenticeship is a year-long course of study and practice of astrology, personally supervised by two working astrologers and culminating in a position as a professional astrologer. By the end of this apprenticeship you will have filled in your education as an astrologer, you’ll have the confidence to see your own clients and you will receive a flow of clients who want to see you expressly and who you can serve in a satisfying way. You will also have access to a platform to write your own articles through pandoraastrology.com which already has a strong web presence and you will have a close-knit work environment where you will be supported by the Pandora family.

This apprenticeship is a financial commitment, as well as a time commitment, and it leads to an actual job as an astrologer. You get a minimum of 50 hours of intensive one-on-one mentoring, 50 hours of session auditing and 20-30 hours of direct supervision in your own first sessions. You get a client stream handed to you without you having to market yourself. You get a year’s curriculum of class lectures and handouts (valued at $2500). You can work through the internship at your own pace.

Although you may have a real passion for astrology, there are good reasons why you’ve not begun to practice yet. I know because I’ve been there–spending years scraping by because I had no idea how to find clients and living in fear of the inevitable conversations with skeptics at every party where I mentioned what I do for a living. It was a painful time and I’m glad it’s over.

In an article on my blog, I describe the 5 main barriers to entry that keep a student in the realm of hobbyist and prevent them from becoming a professional astrologer with a thriving practice. In this apprenticeship, I remove all those barriers.

What you’ll receive from the apprenticeship:

  • A year’s curriculum in astrology (1 beginner’s class, 4 intermediate classes and 1 advanced class which cost a total of $2500 on their own) in the form of prerecorded lectures, videos and pdfs
  • An opportunity to have access to not just one, but two practicing astrologers who will mentor you directly, 1-on-1, and answer your questions
  • An opportunity to watch these professional astrologers in session with real clients
  • At the end of the apprenticeship, you will get contract work (a stream of clients you don’t have to find for yourself) through Pandora Astrology

Where you need to be / what you need to bring

  • You should be at an intermediate level in your study of astrology (having a basic understanding of the 12 archetypes and being presently absorbed in synthesizing them into useful interpretation of actual charts)
  • You must be reasonably tech-savvy (if you are active in social media, that’s a plus)
  • You must be able to support yourself financially or have a source of income while you do this apprenticeship so you are not worried about money while you are trying to learn
  • You must be not yet committed to an astrology practice, without a brand name, a website or business cards (if you have already launched yourself, this apprenticeship will not appeal to you)

Phases of the Apprenticeship

Phase 1 – The Neophyte (approximately 4 – 6 months)

  • Acquire the software needed for the apprenticeship and for your future professional use (some you probably already have, some you will need to buy, some Jamie will give you)
  • Co-writing 1 hour a week, where you will meet online with the astrologers at Pandora to co-create content for Pandora’s website
  • Assist Jamie’s chart prep 2 hours a week, where you will help by making charts and diagrams for clients (good practice towards prepping for your future clients)
  • Attend a weekly, hour-long, 1-on-1 mentoring session
  • Absorb Jamie’s class materials at your own pace
  • Complete Level 1 NCGR certification (with Jamie’s support)

Allow 6 to 10 hours a week for your apprenticeship commitments during the Neophyte phase.

Phase 2 – The Apprentice Astrologer  (approx 6 – 12 months)

  • Continue co-writing
  • Continue attending weekly mentoring sessions
  • Continue assisting chart prep
  • Complete 50 hours of auditing (the unprecedented opportunity to watch a professional astrologer at work live in session with clients)
  • Complete Level 2 NCGR certification (with Jamie’s support)

Allow 9 to 12 hours a week for your apprenticeship commitments during the Apprentice phase.

Phase 3 – The Journeyman Astrologer  (approximately 2 – 4 months)

  • Continue co-writing
  • Continue attending weekly mentoring sessions
  • Complete 20-30 supervised sessions (together we decide how many). This means you are doing the session and Jamie is sitting in to guide and support you and ensure that the client has a good experience with you.

Allow 12 to 15 hours a week for your apprenticeship commitments during the Journeyman phase.

Phase 4 – The Practicing Astrologer (Indefinitely!)

  • Continue co-writing.
  • On a contract basis, begin seeing clients who have come to Pandora Astrology and chosen you.
  • More experienced Pandora astrologers continue mentoring and supporting you so you enter into every session equipped and confident about what you will say to the client.
  • You get a virtual assistant (to handle your marketing, client flow, scheduling of sessions and maintenance of client relationships so clients return to you).
  • You get a bookkeeper (to help you invoice Pandora Astrology, get paid, and get all the tax-deductions in your practice that are legally allowed).
  • Access to the Pandora Astrology website, with your own profile, for publication of your own astrological writings.

The hours you spend in your new astrology practice will depend on how many sessions a week you want to start with and how fast you want your schedule to grow. You will set the pace.

Apprenticeship fees

  • The Fast-Track Apprenticeship includes everything listed above and comes with 50 1-on-1 mentoring sessions with Jamie. It’s priced at $4000. Information on payment plans is coming up below.
  • The Intensive Apprenticeship includes everything that comes with the Fast-Track, plus an additional 25 mentoring sessions. It’s priced at $6000. (I put this option here because some people may want more mentoring time. I don’t have a preference for either option and your application will be freely considered regardless of which of these you choose.)
  • There is a fee to audit clients’ sessions: $20 per session, which you pay directly to the client on the day of the auditing. This gives the client an incentive to allow you to sit in and learn during their private session with Jamie.

The Mentoring sessions:

These 1-on-1 conversations with Jamie are where your apprenticeship comes alive. Jamie will tailor the apprenticeship to your unique personality and help you shape yourself into a professional and an expert astrologer. Your talent will be cultivated and you will receive assistance with your challenges.

Payment of apprenticeship fees:

  • The fee for this apprenticeship is $4000, payable in a lump up front or quarterly over a year or monthly over a year–your choice.
  • The $4000 fee covers 50 mentoring sessions. If you prefer 75 mentoring sessions, the fee is $6000.
  • You will be expected to pay for any software which you do not already have, or which Jamie was not able to give you for free (through licensing her own).
  • You will be expected to do your work on a Mac laptop.


We will have monthly or quarterly check-ins about how the apprenticeship is going and whether the pace of it is working for both of us.

The apprenticeship is mutually severable without ill-will and with 2 month’s notice.

If terminated, any fees you’ve prepaid for months not yet completed will be refunded to you promptly.

Other things to know:

Your work under the Pandora Astrology umbrella follows a contracting model; you receive 65% of the fee. The other 35% goes to the upkeep of the Pandora Astrology business which you are benefiting from (website maintenance, advertising costs, personal assistant/bookkeeper, etc. as well as the incalculable value of endorsement by an astrologer with an established reputation and voice).

Your earnings per session will increase as your practice develops. We will check in quarterly about when the next raise is coming.

You do NOT need to live in the San Francisco Bay Area to do this apprenticeship or contract with Pandora Astrology. All of it can be done from your home, wherever you are, as long as you have a good internet connection and are reasonably net-savvy.

In this apprenticeship you will become familiar with the 4 major asteroids and Chiron and will use them in your sessions. The astrological philosophy that resembles Pandora’s the most is Evolutionary Astrology. We do not practice Traditional Astrology but we also don’t exclude its principles.

Applicants who have completed part or all of Steven Forrest’s Evolutionary Astrology apprenticeship will not receive direct credits for their work with Forrest but will receive special consideration and probably be moved to the head of the line.

Software requirements:
Solar Fire
Omnigraffle *
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Zoom.us *
Mindnode Lite *

* These are free or I will give them to you

If you’re getting more and more excited as you read this page and you feel like this is for you, but you have no idea how you’re going to pay for it, here are some ideas. . .

Ways you can make this affordable:

  • Hold a fundraiser event (for example, host a dinner with friends to raise money)
  • Tax write-offs (if you do even one paid session during your apprenticeship year, you can tax deduct the cost of your education/training for this new business)
  • Gofundme or similar fundraising site
  • Offer your friends and family low-cost readings so you can practice while you are learning
  • Do brief readings for tips at every party you go to, for the practice and the income

I can advise you on how to do any of the above options.

If you have any of the following, please mention them in your application, because they will make you a more attractive applicant:

  • A bachelor’s degree in a field relevant to a counseling astrology practice
  • Personal growth workshops attended
  • A coaching certification
  • A certification in Evolutionary Astrology, any level
  • NCGR certification, any level
  • AFA certification, any level
  • Kepler College classes taken or degree attained

This apprenticeship radically cuts short the lengthy and painful process of building a clientele and a reputation for yourself because Pandora Astrology stands behind every session you do and guarantees a good experience for every client you see. Because of this, you will be mentored, cultivated and invested in. And therefore I am choosy about who is a good fit for this apprenticeship. The application below is your opportunity to state your case for why you feel you are a good fit.

If you are seriously interested, fill out this webform application to get started:

Pandora Astrology Apprenticeship

  • Month of birthDay of birthYear of birth (ex. 2015)Time of birth - needs to be actual hour and minute(s)City & State/Country of birth 
    Add a new row

What happens after you fill in the webform. . .

We will contact you to let you know we received it and after reviewing it, Jamie will make a time to talk further with you about the apprenticeship and answer any and all questions you may have about it.

Then we set a regular weekly meeting date.

If that initial conversation results in you being accepted for the apprenticeship, it will become the first mentoring session and you will receive homework to do after it.

Please do not email general questions about the apprenticeship,
but use the webform above to ask your questions when you apply.

I look forward to hearing from you.